A Chocolate Brown and Lilac Themed Bridal Shower

Chocolate color palette

Welcome to a delectable bridal shower where chocolate brown takes center stage and lilac plays a supporting role as a contrasting hue. By themselves, chocolate brown and lilac each have a delicious array of shades and tints. But when brought together, they create a unique color palette that provides stylish decorating options for a wedding shower that’s hip and trendy. Just imagine a stylish party display dressed up in a palette of delicious hues—starring an entire spread of chocolate treats and beverages that are sure to bring the “Oohs!” and “Ahs!”, and a lot of “Yums!” » Click to view slideshow

Bring Out the “Flavors” of the Color Palette

Cookie display
Mmmm, chocolate! Edible goodies like cookies, chocolates, even beverages provide the rich browns of this color palette.

Colors good enough to eat—that’s what this palette brings to a bridal shower. Who can resist enticing shades of brown from hot cocoa to mocha to dark chocolate to espresso, maybe even cinnamon or molasses? Use a whole range of browns from light to dark to give the entire display the decadent richness of chocolate. Set these against varying shades of violet—from purple, to lavender, to lilac, to wine—and see the sensuous browns suddenly turn delicate and sweet. Or try the reverse approach. Use chocolate brown as the base color of the setting, with lilac as the accent color. Just imagine the dark beautifully-grained wood of an antique table, for instance, as the backdrop for place settings, centerpieces, and shower favors all in shades and tints of violet. Now that’s pretty!

Display Chocolates and Candles Amidst Flowers and Fruits

It gets even better. Play up the theme further by using actual edible chocolates in the table display. Wrap chocolates in foil, paper, or fabric and nestle them within clusters of flowers in varying lilac shades. Group these at the center of each table to mimic one large arrangement, or position them individually at each place setting for guests to enjoy.

Chocolates themed bridal shower

Have these arrangements double as lovely lighting fixtures as well. Place a candle amidst a bowl of hydrangeas or other purple blooms, and finish it with a silk chocolate-colored bow. Continue this play on color and fragrance with candles in shades of chocolate, lilac, or lavender or those with chocolate, lilac, or lavender scents. For a final decorative accent, add fresh fruits in varying shades of purple, such as red grapes, plums, raisins, and blueberries.

To discover more yummy ideas on finding favors for such a theme, see The Sweetest Packaging for a Chocolate Themed Party.

Blend the Colors in the Place Settings

Extend the color scheme to the place settings as well. Lay out porcelain plates with a lilac floral pattern, each topped with a brown table napkin with purple designs, or with a sprig of lavender tucked within its folds. If the choice is lilac-hued napkins, adorn each one with a chocolate lollipop or a chocolate (yes, edible!) napkin ring. For a casual place setting, tie the silverware with purple or lilac ribbons, and dress up each wine glass with a sprig of lavender held with a chocolate brown bow.

Make Your Own Splendid Chocolate Dessert Bar

Chocolate dessert station in purple and brown

With chocolate as the star of this chocolate brown-and-lilac bridal shower, all eyes will definitely be on the dessert offerings. True to the decadent theme, entice guests with an irresistible array of chocolate treats, displayed on pure white platters, trays, and tiered pastry stands. Decorate these with sprigs of lavender and swirls of umber-colored satin ribbon as finishing touches. » Click to view slideshow

Offer up a range of goodies from well-loved chocolate chip cookies, brownies, chocolate-covered pretzels, Oreos, and chocolate truffles, to more “gourmet” treats like biscotti for dipping into chocolate syrup and chocolates filled with liqueur. For more filling choices, present good, old-fashioned chocolate cake—perhaps infused with cognac for this special occasion—as well as chocolate mousse cake and chocolate cupcakes with purple frosting. Have mini fondue pots of warm melted chocolate—or an entire chocolate fountain—for guests to dip fresh strawberries or pear wedges, dried fruits, crispy wafer rolls, and even edible organic petals.

Serve Beverages That Continue the Theme

Cookie display
Glasses of chilled fresh milk offer a refreshing accompaniment to all that chocolate.

Remember that perfect milk-and-cookies childhood snack? Evoke memories of that by serving ice cold milk as a fitting accompaniment to the chocolate treats at the shower. And for something more grown-up, offer iced coffee, chai tea, Irish cream or malted milk cocktails. The wedding shower wouldn’t be truly decadent, however, without chocolate-infused drinks such as chocolate martinis, a triple choco overload milkshake, white chocolate milkshakes with mint, or coffee infused with liqueurs like Irish cream or Kahlua. Choco loco indeed!

Welcome to a Hip, New Color Palette!

Chocolate brown and lilac have definitely proven themselves as an enticingly delicious color combination, perfect for wedding decor with a modern flair. Chocolate has obvious associations with decadently rich flavor and deep, sensuous color. Lilac has overtones of sweetness and delicacy, combined with mystery. When brought together for a bridal shower’s color palette, they work magic on the entire scene. Plus, they provide one occasion when things that look good enough to eat are actually good enough to eat!

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