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Honey and Chocolate: A Delicious Palette for a Modern Wedding!

Honey fondant cupcakes by Sprinkle Bakes

Say “honey and chocolate” and you immediately visualize gleaming gold and rich, dark brown. But beyond just their colors, you surely also imagine the luscious flavors, the tempting aromas, and the overall decadence that honey and chocolate are famous for. So how fabulous would this pair be for a modern wedding color palette?

We’re delighted to share some creative ideas for applying this delicious duo to your wedding styling. We chose elements with a contemporary flair to create a look that’s both warm and trendy at the same time!

Yummy! So Lovely for a Chic Wedding!

Honey and chocolate inspiration in beautiful brown hues for a modern wedding from croquembuche to feather bouquet to honey infused cocktails.

You need not limit your options to actual honey and chocolate elements. Not at all! The secret lies in finding decorative pieces that simulate their look and feel. Here are some ‘ingredients’ you can combine:

  1. Decorative touches – Gilded letters or monograms (1), gold frames for table names and numbers, menu cards mounted on gold board, glitter-trimmed pompoms for a stunning backdrop or ceiling decor
  2. Food and sweets – A towering golden croquembouche (3) or a decadent chocolate cake; boxes of gourmet chocolates or artisan caramels topped with sea salt; macarons, cookies, or cupcakes decorated with chocolate fondant ‘seals’ (2)
  3. Golden lighting – Amber candle holders (4) and lanterns, votive holders edged in gold or copper, gleaming brass candelabra; or metallic plates, glasses, serve ware or vases that will catch the glow of the surrounding lights
  4. Bridal bouquet – Unique and creative arrangements made with creamy honey-colored blooms, or crafted with balsa wood flowers, vintage amber brooches, or even golden-hued feathers (5)
  5. Drinks and cocktails – Bubbly golden champagne, honey-infused cocktails (6), chocolate martinis, spiced apple cider, or everyone’s favorite: mugs of rich hot chocolate
  6. Table settings – Minimalist elements featuring a trendy palette of gray and neutral tones, plus fun patterns like polka dots (7); or chocolate-colored plates atop gold chargers, paired with gold-rimmed glasses and gold cutlery in a sleek modern design

Image credits:
1 – Gold leaf letter via The Knotty Bride
2 – Poured fondant honey cupcakes via Sprinkle Bakes
3 – Croquembouche via Salseando en la Cocina
4 – Amber candle holder via Stains in Panes
5 – Feather bouquet from Emplume, via Wedding Inspirasi
6 – Honey cocktail via Four Seasons Hotel Austin
7 – Table setting via Punch Portland

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