How to Host a Yoga-themed Bridal Shower for Your BFF

how to plan a yoga bridal shower from decor to goody bags for guests

“Keep calm and marry on!” That’s the perfect mindset for this truly serene, relaxing, rejuvenating theme for a dear friend’s bridal shower: yoga! And no better way to de-stress before the Big Day. Just breathe in and breathe out, then, as you plan for this memorable event. We’ve discovered these inspiring approaches to decorating the venue in yoga style; serving a light, fresh, and healthy menu; and gifting the shower guests with yoga-themed favors to take home. (*this post contains affiliate links)

Create a Serene Bridal Shower Setting

Think “yoga studio.” Then, channel that minimalist, meditative ambiance as you plan the key elements to decorate your bridal shower venue.

Yoga bridal shower party

First of all, let the ladies know about the unique event via yoga-themed bridal shower invitations (1). These come in a wide range of designs, from exotic to whimsical like this one.

Then, style the site in a palette of muted purple, teal, mauve, and coral (2) – using yoga mats themselves to bring in the colors against a lovely wood-grain floor. Set out matching arrangements of aromatic lavender, eucalyptus, and orchids surrounding a sitting Buddha figurine (if you have one).

Prepare a separate lounge area (3) where guests will eat, relax, and chat. Lay out long fold-out cushions with slim square pillows for sitting or lying full-length – again all at floor level. Wear something comfortable and stylish like these tummy control yoga pants (4). Lastly, provide soft lighting and maybe a soothing scent via pillar candles and tea light sets in leaf-shaped trays (5).

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A Fresh, Light and Healthy Menu

Help the ladies keep their pre-wedding figures! Serve a delightful selection of light finger foods, low-calorie treats, and the freshest drinks.

Yoga bridal shower food

Offer healthful Cucumber Avocado Sandwiches (1) that layer herbed goat cheese, romaine lettuce, cucumber and avocado slices, and alfalfa sprouts between whole-grain bread slices. Pair these with Sweet Chili Chicken Sushi (2) that combines a well-loved chicken filling with rice, avocado, cucumber, lettuce, and rice rolled up in nori sheets.

Even your desserts can be healthy! Banana-Berry Frozen Yogurt Bars (3) for cold fruity refreshment, and Matcha Green Tea Almond Shortbread Cookies (4) for guilt-free goodness.

Finally, for all-important hydration, serve up a selection of trendy Healthy Bubble Tea (5) also known as “boba tea” or “pearl tea” and a trio of flavored waters (6) – here featuring ginger mint, mixed citrus, and blackberry sage.

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Yoga-themed Favor and Gift Bag Ideas

As bridal shower favors, choose gift items to help guests keep up the calm vibe till the wedding and beyond. Present these in yoga-inspired totes that are practical presents themselves.

We found this pretty Pink Lotus Natural Canvas Tote (1) that would make a great gift bag, then be reused for yoga and more! As favors, give scented soaps, potpourri, or vials of essential oils in pretty lavender-embroidered pouches (2); “Bride Tribe” hair ties (3) that come in packs of 12; and a sweet Moon-shaped Pendant with Pressed Dried Flowers (4) for each guest.

Add to these, Lavender Silk Eye Pillows (5) filled with organic lavender and flax seeds; Aromatherapy Travel Tin Candles (6) in peach, vanilla, and lavender fragrances; and Yoga Mat Towels or Hand Towels (7) in the colors of the bridal shower.

Sources: 1 – tote bag* / 2 – Bellenza / 3 – hair ties* / 4 – pendant* / 5 – eye pillow* / 6 – candle tins* / 7 – towels*

*denotes affiliate link from Amazon

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