How to Plan a Bridal Shower Picnic with the Spontaneous Look of Summer

Rustic bridal shower backyard picnic

Summertime is picnic time! So how special would it be to surprise your bride-to-be friend with a bridal shower picnic in the sunny outdoors? Think “rustic chic” with a cozy homespun look and feel, and a healthy, homemade menu. Nothing too styled and matchy-matchy. Just lots of love and laughter to send your bestie off to married life with a heartwarming gathering of her nearest and dearest. We’ve got some wonderful inspiration waiting for you—thanks to the finds we’re showcasing below!

A Summertime Bridal Shower Picnic with a Rustic-Chic Flair

Inviting Table Settings

How to Plan a Bridal Shower Picnic with the Spontaneous Look of Summer

First of all, prepare a lovely setting for the occasion. You could opt for picnic blankets spread out on the grass, with throw pillows tossed in for comfort and picnic baskets to hold all the goodies.

Or you could choose to have long rustic-style tables set up under the trees. Dress these up with burlap runners and simple centerpieces of wild flowers in assorted bottles (1). So easy, yet so pretty!

A Light Menu

Eating in the outdoors is best when the fare is ready-to-eat, single serving size, and requires minimal clean-up afterwards. But for a bridal shower, it should be pretty, too! So a charcuterie board (2) is ideal—offering an assortment of sliced cold cuts, cheeses, bread and crackers, herbed spreads, olives and nuts. To complement this selection, pressed Italian sandwiches (3) can be pre-made with your choice of fillings (great recipes available online!). Simply wrap them individually and tie with twine.

Refreshing Beverages

Quite the rage these days is a flavored water station (4) at outdoor events. Just the thing for summer! Take your pick from refreshing infusions like lemon, lime, orange, mint, and cucumber; or something more fancy like blueberry-and-sage or strawberry-and-basil. Have them ice cold, and ready and waiting in dispensers for guests to serve themselves.

If you’d like a little alcohol in honor of the occasion but still something summery, consider fruity bellinis (6). These are combinations of Prosecco mixed with your choice of fruit puree like white peaches, mango and raspberry. Yum!

Sweet Treats and Favors

In keeping with the rustic, country feel of the gathering, why not serve an “in” dessert like raw cheesecake (5). Due to its popularity, there are dozens of tempting recipes on the web to suit every taste—like these featuring lemon and coconut flavors, topped with raspberries!

Then, for favors with a French country spin, light and flavor-rich madeleines (7) would be lovely presented in quaint tin buckets.

Bridal Shower Activity

Have the guests engage in a party craft that’s both entertaining and produces something memorable for the bride! We thought this idea of on-the-spot embroidery (8) couldn’t be more perfect, with simple designs prepared ahead on miniature embroidery hoops. Or the guests may create their own needlework designs.

Then, you can transform the finished pieces into a sweet keepsake for the honoree. Perhaps stitch them together into a table runner or a throw pillow cover. Or have them framed as a collage for her future home!


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