How to Set Up a Potato Chip Bar at Your Wedding: Ideas + Product Picks

7 Ways to Present a Potato Chip Station at Your Wedding

It’s “crunch time”! Yes, your fave crispy snack has made it into the wedding world via potato chip stations at the reception. What a fun concept, don’t you think? Easy to set up, budget-friendly, and sure to be a hit with guests of all ages. You can choose to go fancy with gourmet dips and toppings to complement plain chips. Or offer a variety of flavored chips to suit different tastes. Then, have handy containers for guests to fill as they wish or pre-packaged servings that they can just grab and enjoy! Read on for great potato chip bar inspiration, plus essentials for setting up your own. (*this post contains affiliate links)

7 Ways to Present a Potato Chip Station at Your Wedding

Chips are so popular, guests will need no invitation to serve themselves at your station. So, even a simple table setup with creative add-ons, as in the examples below, will work just fine!

A Bin of Chips on a Buffet

A Bin of Chips on a Buffet | photo via  HGTV

Wow, that’s a whole lot of chips! Spotted on HGTV, see how easily you can assemble a serve-yourself snack station stocked with kettle chips poured into one giant bin, then placed on a buffet or console table. Offer a selection of savory seasonings and gourmet toppings and dips in bowls, with plastic fruit baskets for guests to fill up.

Modern Chips Bar Setup

Photo via Beyond the Box Catering

Take a cue from Beyond the Box Catering for a chic and modern chip station. Sleek serve ware, sauces and dips in handy squeeze bottles, and French-inspired newspaper cones for single-serve chips packaging.

Chips Served in Mini Frying Baskets

Chips in fryers | Photo via Meetings Imagined
Featured on Meetings Imagined, this Cali Marriott Hotel chips station offers up a variety of chips (not just potatoes) so cleverly presented in mini deep-fry baskets. Why not try this, too!

Chip and Dip Bar

Photo via Bridal Bliss

Having a casual at-home wedding reception? Here’s a charming presentation for a chip-and-dip bar by Bridal Bliss, offering a variety of munchies – potato chips, pretzels, crackers, and tortilla chips – along with a selection of dips like spinach, Mexican, garlic, dill, French onion, salsa, and humus. Love the seasonal touch of the scattered autumn leaves, too.

Chips Served Cocktail Style

Photo via Hip Chips

Perhaps your chip station will be a way to transition guests from the ceremony to the reception? Then, you can set up small cocktail tables each topped with boxed servings of chips with an array of savory and sweet dips in little cups. Neat idea found via Hip Chips!

Home-made Chips in Mini Tin Pails

Photo via Meetings Imagined.
Another stylish way to present chips at a rustic-themed reception would be in mini tin pails, as featured on Meetings Imagined. And if you have a family tradition of making your own potato chips, you could proudly announce that you are serving homemade ones using a chalkboard buffet sign.

Chips in Paper Sacks

Chips in sacks with printables | photo via Hallmark

Here’s a great idea for a football-themed wedding rehearsal dinner or a rustic-style reception. How cool (and cost-saving) would it be to have crispy chips served in paper bags – as seen here on Hallmark. For variety, you can make or buy apple chips, sweet potato chips, taro chips, and even kale chips! Or opt for “popchips” that are made by applying heat and pressure to corn and potatoes.

Potato Chip Bar Essentials

Here are our suggested chip station supplies, from serveware to packaging to signs!

  1. Hortense B. Hewitt wax-lined white treat bags (25 count) (*affiliate link from Amazon)
  2. The Cellar Whiteware Words Chip and Dip Set (*affiliate link from Macy’s)
  3. Aluminum Utility Scoop, 12-Ounce (*affiliate link from Amazon)
  4. Mikasa Set of 4 Italian Countryside Square Dip Bowls (*affiliate link from Macy’s)
  5. Berry Baskets Wooden 1 Quart (pack of 10) (*affiliate link from Amazon)
  6. Mini Chalkboard Signs with Stand (pack of 10) (*affiliate link from Amazon)
  7. Plastic Squeeze Condiment Bottles with Twist On Cap Lids (3 pack) (*affiliate link from Amazon)
  8. Finger Food Cones with Newsprint Styling (11.5-Inch, 100 count) (*affiliate link from Amazon)

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