Festive Ideas for a Colorful and Whimsical Easter Table

Easter Table Settings

Throwing a bridal shower for a springtime bride in the family or among your circle of friends? Why not hold it within the Easter season and take advantage of all the darling decorations that are available at this time?

Indulge the inner child in all of you and have a blast styling the occasion with well-loved Easter icons just as Sybille of the creative, crafty German blog Funky Time showcases in this beautiful post. Sybille herself describes her Easter tablescape simply: “Colorful would be the right word I guess!” Not only colorful, we might add, but whimsical and playful in keeping with the springtime spirit. So, shall we take a stroll through this festive tabletop Easter garden?

See the Whimsical Details of this Lovely Easter Table

Whimsical Easter Table Decorations

We would have loved for Sybille to have shared her own styling tips for this heartwarming tablescape. But her post is silent on the details. So we hope you don’t mind us pointing out the decorating ideas we spotted here that are sure to catch your fancy for your own Easter-time bridal shower!

  1. A charming centerpiece using stalks of pussy willow and yellow flowers to hang colorful dyed Easter eggs
  2. Large chocolate bunnies and assorted Easter treats in woven country-style baskets lined with straw
  3. A mini runner of faux grass holding a scattering of fresh flower heads and mini robin’s eggs
  4. A lollipop stand displaying white chocolate daisy pops perfect for spring
  5. Strawberry-topped cupcakes in pretty paper liners shaped like petals
  6. Each place setting graced by an egg in a cup surrounded by more miniature eggs
  7. Candy dishes filled with pastel-colored Jordan almonds
  8. Dainty teacups turned into whimsical candle holders, filled with moss and topped with an egg
  9. Baby blue ribbon tied in bows around glasses and mini jam jars
  10. A cake stand turned into flower holder with bunches of fresh carnations, daisies, mums, and lilies

Now, if this joyous display doesn’t get you hopping excited to decorate your own party, we don’t know what will! Happy Easter!