Modern Chinese Wedding Inspiration with Budget-friendly Details

Let’s face it! Not every Asian person that gets engaged is a “Crazy Rich Asian!” This is why we are delighted to share with you these simple yet stunning and stylish Chinese wedding details that offer up inspiration for the most budget-conscious bride and groom. Bring your personal touch to celebrating your special day by incorporating Chinese traditions and customs mixed with modern, western touches. See how you can capture this vision in today’s Modern Chinese wedding inspiration board (*this post contains affiliate links).

Simple Yet Stunning Modern Chinese Wedding Details

Modern Chinese Wedding Details Where East Meets West

With a small budget, you can still send out a chic wedding invitation from Zazzle (1) with a double happiness design at half the cost of a full wedding invitation suite. Get creative with your wedding ceremony backdrop such as having a large double happiness symbol (2) that we saw on The Wedding Scoop. If you are not already familiar with the intricacies of what happens in a Chinese wedding tea ceremony, start with finding an exquisite set (3) like this one we found at a real Chinese wedding held at the Four Seasons in Shenzen. Walk down the aisle knowing that you didn’t overspend on a wedding bouquet such as one you can readily purchase with red roses, white stephanotis, and white tulips tied with a white taffeta ribbon and sparkly oval charm (4) via Proflowers. When the ceremony is over, you may opt to wear a red cheogsam dress, which is a custom practiced during many Chinese weddings.

A Reception with Eastern and Western Decorations

Colorful wrapped boxes filled with candies.

If you are having a Chinese style banquet for your wedding reception, there are a few ways to mix eastern and western touches. Have your caterer or venue serve delicious appetizers with a fusion of Asian flavors. For instance, a double happiness cake topper would be perfect atop a red velvet naked wedding cake found on The Knot! You can also have your wedding invitations match your cake design! If you decide to have a wedding cash box, you can display it in a tasteful way like this one we found at Singapore Brides. Have a signature wedding cocktail made with lychee, kumquat, manadarin oranges, plum wine, or even jasmine tea. You can even have a cool boba bar that guests will surely be raving about! Give Asian-inspired wedding favors such as bamboo fans, Chinese candy wrapped in red or whatever color you wish, and chopsticks that have been personalized with your name and date.

Do remember that there aren’t any hard rules as to how to you can have a Chinese wedding with modern American details where East meets West!

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