Plan a Carnival-themed Wedding in Vintage Red and Aqua

Carnival wedding theme ideas

You never quite outgrow the sentimental tug of a vintage-style summer carnival. So how perfect would it be to recapture that lighthearted, loving mood in a Carnival Themed Summer Wedding! Bright colors, whimsical elements from ceremony to reception, a casual country vibe that will have guests reliving those fond memories (or experiencing them for the first time!) of fun, sunny days spent at an outdoor carnival. Come see our inspiration to pull this all together!

Vintage Carnival Elements for a Summer Wedding

Plan your own carnival themed wedding in aqua and red with vintage details.

The look to go for is playfully vintage, starting with a palette of red and aqua. Give guests advance notice with save-the-date cards (1) that show the fun theme you’ll have in store for them! Come your wedding day, have your bridesmaids and flower girls carry colorful paper pinwheels (2) in place of bouquets.

Now, for the reception! This will be your chance to really go all out to recreate a carnival setting. Have a creative escort card display using fair tickets (3) to indicate guests’ table seating. For fun DIY centerpieces (5), create vignettes of summer blooms in popcorn vases, miniature carnival tents and mason jars filled with peanuts. And for a fun activity, a photo booth table (9) is just the thing for a vintage theme with all the accessories, props, and speech bubble signs you can prepare.

And of course, the food! Keep it retro and right on theme with a tiered wedding cake trimmed with mini paper pinwheels (4), a carnival-decorated popcorn stand (6) for guests to customize their fave snack and bring them home in cute novelty popcorn boxes (7), and a snow cone station (8) with an actual dispenser that’s sure to bring back those summer childhood memories!

We can’t wait for one of you couples to share photos from your carnival-themed wedding with us. What a great feature post that will be!

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