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Red and Black Soiree: Winter Engagement Party Series – Idea #3

Red and black holiday party by Bellenza

Welcome back! So glad you could join us for Idea #3 in our ongoing Winter Engagement Parties series. This third party peg we have is all about holiday cheer—with a sassy, sophisticated spin. Who knows, this just might be the idea that will grab you for your own engagement dinner!

Holiday Red & Black Soiree with a Vintage Style

Traditional holiday colors may be red and green, or else peppermint red and white. But for a chic engagement dinner, why not give your table a sophisticated spin by pairing red with black?

A red and black engagement soiree with decorating tips, favor ideas, food and drinks, and fun activities by Bellenza

Decorating tips: We actually borrowed this look from our Valentine’s set! But it works just as well for a wedding social, don’t you think? The basic decor elements are the red and black palette, the bold florals (red paper flowers and the black runner laser-cut in a stylized rose pattern), the strands of pearls, and the candles in tall glass holders.

You could easily replicate all these with your own DIY flowers or fabric ones, a black lace runner, faux pearls, and any clear candle holders you have or can find at a home decor store. Totally doable!

Food and drinks: To extend the color motif, think of salads and side dishes that include touches of red via cherry tomatoes, red peppers, beets, red cabbage, cranberry sauce, and the like. Also include fresh red fruits like apples, cherries, raspberries, and strawberries or incorporate them in desserts. Your favorite red wines, of course, would be perfect as well. Then, cap the meal with a luscious red velvet cake!

Fun activities: This is definitely a romantic setting. So this could be a chance for you to recount to your guests memorable times you’ve shared as a couple, or qualities you love about each other. Or if that makes you feel too awkward or embarrassed, then take the opportunity to thank all the special people gathered to share this occasion with you.

Favors to give: Again, echo the red and black palette by giving a long-stemmed red rose to each lady guest and a black box of dark chocolate truffles to each gentleman. Or surprise each one with a mini tray of dark chocolate-dipped strawberries to enjoy post-dinner!

What do you think? Is it Idea #1, #2 or #3 for your engagement dinner styling? But before you decide, do stop by again for Idea #4 that will conclude this series. It offers a bit of an exotic twist that might intrigue you!

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