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Red + Brown + White: An Earthy Yet Elegant Fall Wedding Palette!

Think that brown is a pretty ho-hum color choice for a wedding? Think again! As you saw in our Brown + Teal Palette, it can undergo quite a stylish makeover depending on what colors it’s paired with. So get ready for this fourth color combination in our Fall Wedding Palettes series: earthy yet oh-so-elegant Red + Brown + White! The red brings in a rich and romantic flair, while the brown keeps it warm and cozy. So whether you’re planning a formal sit-down affair for your nuptials this autumn or a rustic outdoor gathering, this is one wedding palette that can span both styles!

The Romance of Red and the Warmth of Brown

An elegant wedding palette for fall in red, brown, and white with pretty bridesmaids' dresses, red floral invitations, and a color trio wedding cake.

Both red and brown are quite strong colors in their own right. So to make them complement one another, rather than compete, you set them off against crisp, clean white (or ivory, if you prefer a softer effect). You can see how beautifully this works in these images we found.

Bridesmaids in brown? Who’d have thought this could make such a chic fashion statement. But it clearly does, particularly when paired with lush red bouquets and sassy red pumps. Definitely an eye-catching sight as they set the stage for your walk down the aisle!

In these invitations, for instance, the brown background is dominant with just a top border of red florals. Then, an ornate graphic in white is added, along with the text in ‘reverse’ white against the dark base. Such an opulent effect!

A stunning bridal bouquet makes the most of the natural textures available come fall, with an eclectic mix of flowers and foliage. But standing out amidst all the elements are two large blooms in a deep red, and a bouquet wrap of chocolate brown ribbon and dainty lace.

This wedding cake is a wonderful example of the rustic slant that this color trio can take. The cake itself is classic white. While the brown tree trunk and branches are made prominent to play up the wedding’s ‘love birds’ theme, with tiny red leaves echoing the season’s splendor.

And of course, treats in brown and red are perfect for stocking up a candy bar at your reception. Just think of the endless array of chocolates you can choose from, plus all the red candies there are available. Not to mention white sweets, like taffy, meringues, nougat, even mints. Again, depending on the display containers you use, this candy station can either be fancy and elegant or country-style and casual.

So, who’s afraid of brown for a fall wedding? Not you, we hope, now that you’ve seen how this trio of Red + Brown + White can go from rustic to rich to suit your theme!

Image credits:

Bridesmaids – Adrienne Gunde Photography
Invitation – Puddle Jumpin’ Cards
Bouquet – Mint Photography, via Ruffled
Wedding cake – Heidi Mitchell Photography, via The Every Last Detail
Candy bar – Amanda Julca Photographer, via The Knot

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