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Romance is in the Air: A Summer Garden Wedding Soiree

Garden wedding chair decor with pink flowers

How can you not fall in love with a garden wedding? Imagine being surrounded by dear family and friends and a flower-filled outdoor setting on the most romantic day of your lives. But beyond the floral charm, there are other elements you can incorporate to make your garden ceremony and reception a vision of elegance and grace as well. All of which is envisioned in an elegant palette of glamorous peach, pink, and green hues. We’d love to share some suggestions with you, so do read on!

Rustic & Elegant! Details for a Romantic Reception!

Rustic and elegant garden inspiration for a summer wedding reception.

Choose your hues – Flowers are just so naturally appealing that it’s easy to get carried away with all the glorious colors they offer. (In fact, we have a post all about bright floral centerpieces!) For a sophisticated look, though, select just 2 or 3 related shades—like the peach, pink, and blush of our photo selections (above and below). Equally lovely, too, would be to create an ombre effect in just 1 color.

Refine with neutrals – To balance the sweetness of the floral tones, bring in neutrals like ivory, cream, sand, or champagne, even metallics in a soft matte finish. You can do this via your bridal ensemble and bouquet (4), invitation suite (3), table linens, fabric elements, wedding cake (6 – see below), favor packaging, and the like. The effect will be very refined and tasteful.

Create magical lighting – Garden weddings have the added advantage of nature’s changing light—from sparkling sunlight to the soft shadows of evening (2). So plan on making the most of this as you style your ceremony and reception. Ornate chandeliers (1), for instance, are an unexpected touch for an outdoor setting, while strings of fairy lights make a captivating sight indeed!

Elegant details for a garden wedding reception from decor to guestbooks to venue and cake.

Contrast textures – Another way to highlight the flowery elements is through contrast. Set them off against wooden table tops (5 – see above), metal plate chargers, wrought iron chairs (8), earthenware vases, even surprise accents like a vintage typewriter (9), retro cameras, or a cool vintage car waiting to whisk you away!

Add sparkle – Who says glitz is only for classic, indoor weddings? Bring on the bling with crystal glassware, candelabra, napkin rings, and those chandeliers mentioned above. Prepare candles in all forms, from elegant tapers and pillars to tiny tea lights. Once evening falls and you light these up along with the string lights (7), it will be pure enchantment!

Give stylish favors – Garden-inspired favors would be lovely. But keep them as stylish as your wedding ambiance. Some ideas to consider:

  1. chocolate truffles infused with roses
  2. wine glasses etched with a floral pattern
  3. jars of lavender sugar
  4. floral embroidered handkerchiefs
  5. handmade soaps made with floral oils
  6. fabric-covered journals in assorted flower prints

So are you now dreaming of your own romantic and elegant garden wedding? We don’t blame you at all!

Image credits: 1 Studio Laguna / 2 – Fox Fotography, via Floridian Weddings / 3 – Oak and Orchid on etsy / 4 – Modern Wedding (photography: James Frost) / 5 – Jackie Wonders, via Ruffled / 6 – Jeff Loves Jessica / 7 – Stephanie A. Smith Photography / 8 – Lisa Lefkowitz Fine Art Photography / 9 – Benfield Photography

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