Say “Marry Me” with Doughnuts to Get a Definite “YES”

“Marry Me” with Message Donuts
Step aside chocolates and roses because donuts are the next big thing in wedding proposals! If you need a guarantee, doughnuts convey sweetness and cuteness both at the same time and are totally unexpected. What’s even better is that you’ll have a dozen of them to eat after she says “yes” to you. Grab a cup of coffee and get a load of these absolutely fun ideas to make your proposal.

5 Fun Ways to Say “Marry Me” with Message Donuts

Let’s face it. These “marry me” donuts are downright funny! From colorful, custom lettered donuts to glazed donuts that simply pop the question of “will you marry me,” find something below and make a memorable proposal. Any of these scrumptious donuts can be presented with the engagement ring inside the box. Get creative with how you want to present the ring! You can place the ring atop the donuts or tucked inside its own ring box. Lastly, if you are truly looking for a romantic venue, why not make the proposal in an actual donut shop!
Marry Me donut ideas for sweet proposals from lettered to custom letters.

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