Scrumptious Appetizers + Desserts: A Modern Chinese Wedding!

Chinese duck wontons.jpg. Photo by Lifestyle Yahoo

With our recent post on Chinese Wedding decor inspiration for the ceremony and reception, we are continuing this theme by focusing on appetizers and desserts, including drinks for your cocktail hour. We still have a fusion-minded approach and one that is clearly modern and guest-approved.

Serve up a savory appetizer menu!

For a multi-cultural celebration, you may opt to have Western main dishes. But do surprise your guests with appetizers and sweets that are authentically Chinese or at least Chinese-inspired. These will be a real treat!

Scrumptious Appetizers and Desserts for A Modern Chinese Wedding featured by the Wedding Bistro at Bellenza!

Before the entrees are served or for your cocktail hour, invite guests to sample an array of Crispy Duck Wontons (1), Mini Pork Buns (2), Chinese Spring Rolls with Chicken (3), and Chinese Stuffed Tofu with Shrimp (5).

Cocktails with an Asian twist!

If you are opting for a cocktail hour, these appetizers are best paired with a variety of drinks. Consider tea-infused cocktails with a blend of flavors like oolong, jasmine, or white teas. You may also serve fruit-based drinks with Chinese fruits like lychees, mandarin oranges, or plums. Think of a signature wedding cocktail that combines a fusion of ingredients like a honey ginger-tea martini!

Then after the meal, offer delightful desserts to complement a Western-style wedding cake like a traditional wedding pie with the “double happiness” characters (4), Sugar Egg Puffs (6), Sticky Rice Cakes with Red Bean Paste (7), and Chinese Almond Jelly (8).

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