So Graceful: Bridal Gowns with Long Sleeves!

Pink long sleeve gown

Come the chillier days of autumn and winter, brides don a different look—elegant long-sleeved wedding dresses. From the now-classic styles worn by Monaco’s Princess Grace and modern-day Duchess Kate Middleton, bridal gowns with long sleeves seem to have a regal air to them. But in the inspired hands of today’s fashion designers, that look could go anywhere from feminine and romantic to hip and trendy. Based on this array of gorgeous finds, you may argue that these dresses would hardly keep a wintertime bride warm. But who’s complaining? They would make her look fabulous anyway!

From Sheer Sleeves to Glitter! Lovely Long Gowns

Long sleeve wedding dresses

1 – Elie Saab via; 2 – Rosa Clara via Pinterest; 3 – Oscar de la Renta via One Wed; 4 – Monique Lhuillier via Glamour; 5 – Carolina Herrera via Wedding Inspirasi; 6 – Marchesa via; 7 – Le Spose di Gio via Tara Guerard Soiree

Gracing these designer gowns are lovely creative touches and embellishments we noted:

  1. sheer fabric or lace for the sleeves, creating the illusion of bareness while actually providing some coverage
  2. floral appliques that provide texture and depth, and even a hint of movement
  3. wintertime glitter through beadwork and luxurious fabrics with a silky sheen
  4. closed necklines adorned with lace or flattering Sabrina necklines in keeping with the cooler temperatures
  5. three-quarter sleeve length for brides wanting a feminine, less formal look
  6. a hint of color amidst the typical winter whites, with popular choices being a sweet blush, an elegant champagne tone, or even a subtle icy blue

You must admit that these long-sleeved wedding dresses have a grace and allure all their own. Why not consider one for your own wintertime nuptials?

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