Strawberries and Chocolate: A Recipe for the Perfect Proposal!

Proposal Tips

How can a girl say no? If you sweeten the scene for popping THE question with a Strawberries and Chocolate theme, then you’ve got a delicious recipe for a marriage proposal! Just look at the ideas we found for incorporating luscious, heart-shaped strawberries and rich, decadent chocolate into your plans for presenting the ring. These include styling a romantic setting, serving themed treats and sipping champagne. Plus, we offer tips for planning the perfect proposal!

Elegant Elements for a Strawberries + Chocolate Themed Proposal

A Recipe for the Perfect Proposal with Strawberries and Chocolate

Set the ambiance for love with an intimate table-for-two setting (1). Decorate it with elegant gold glasses and chargers, glowing votive candles and delicate pink roses. Prepare a tray holding a bottle of champagne and chocolate-dipped strawberries—essentials for the proposal you’ve got planned.

A fabulous option we discovered, too, is to make a secret reservation for a “Wine and Chocolate Proposal Package” (3). Then, have the diamond ring tucked among a bowl of fresh strawberries (7). Alternatively, you can present a box of chocolate with the ring tucked inside! Such a sweet surprise!

In case you’re planning a more casual or personalized proposal, we even found a recipe for chocolate-covered strawberries (5) or triple strawberry macarons (6) so you can make your own. For added indulgence, present a mini chocolate raspberry cake (4). Then, pour on the sentiment with a Reasons Why I Want to Marry You journal (2)!

As we said, how can she say no?!

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Proposal Tips to Getting a “Yes”

A perfect proposal must have the following key elements to make it a truly “awww”-inspiring moment!

  • Choose a venue that highlights why you love her. If a romantic restaurant would be too much of a giveaway, plan a setting (outdoors, in her home, while traveling) that focuses on that “special something” about her.
  • Make the event look and feel extra-special. Whatever the setting, plan the details so she’ll be thrilled by all the effort you put into this moment.
  • Add music. Whether you choose a live musician or singer, or a fun ensemble (barbershop quartet, boy band sound-alikes, a “flash mob”), music is a great way to set the mood for your proposal.
  • Get close family and friends involved. Delegate some of the tasks, from preparation to just short of popping the question. The perfect moral support for a pretty nerve-wracking moment!
  • Use creative “proposal props.” From a bowlful of strawberries to books to flowers to articles of clothing to things far more elaborate, plan how to present the ring in a way that’s meaningful and memorable.
  • Keep it a surprise! Be as imaginative and resourceful as you can to keep this a secret. Her reaction when you finally ask, “Will you marry me?” will be that much more priceless!

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