Stunning Succulents: How to Decorate Your Wedding Cake!

Thought you’ve seen everything there is with succulents on wedding cakes? Think again! Their versatility not only makes them a popular option for bohemian weddings, but also for any rustic-styled wedding in the fall or summer. Just see how you can decorate your wedding cake with succulents as we show you these 5 beautiful creations from some very talented artisans.

Stunning Succulents Inspire Creative Ways to Decorate a Wedding Cake

These 5 cakes will definitely bring you inspiration for decorating a wedding cake with real or icing-made succulents. Choose your favorite and be inspired with stunning succulents!

Wedding Cakes with Stunning Succulents!

  1. A honeycomb wedding cake gets topped with pretty green and purple succulents. This brushed gold look gives this cake a lovely autumn feel with amber-like hues. Made by Artisan Cake Company.
  2. A 2-tier semi-naked wedding cake gets decorated here with simple succulents. Made by Shani’s Sweet Art.
  3. A square marble wedding cake with a galaxy-inspired palette of hues gets a simple succulent accent on the side with edible gold leaf specks. Love this creation by Slice Cakes from Melbourne.
  4. Bright and cheery! This square cake has ruffles and decorated with mums, billy balls, and succulents in a palette of yellow and green hues. Made by Flourish and Flourish.
  5. Look more closely here and you’ll notice that these cakes are actually topped with succulents made of icing! Give it to the guys at Wilton for showing you how to make these cool mini cakes topped with succulents in different colors of icing.

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