Tie-dye Wedding Inspiration: Get with the Trend in 2019!

Tie Dye Wedding in a Pastel Rainbow of Colors

Bring the latest trend in fashion for 2019 to your wedding with a groovy hippie-inspired tie-dye theme. With a festive pastel palette in rainbow colors, express your fun-loving, carefree side as the mirror to the most memorable day of your life. Be prepared to plan a fabulous reception with thoughtful details from the minute your guests receive their wedding invitations to the sight of your wedding cake (*this post contains affiliate links).

How to Plan a Tie Dye Wedding in a Pastel Rainbow of Colors

Invented during the 1960s tie-dye was a technique of twisting fabric by hand. The process of tying the fabric actually prevents the fibers of the fabric from absorbing the dye; thus, producing a distinct multi-colored pattern! It is the unique pattern that makes tie-dye the perfect backdrop for a colorful summer wedding painted in both bright and pastel hues with just a hint of ombre! Whether you’re planning a beach or garden wedding, this inspiration board has all the spirit of a blissful celebration filled with unconventional details!

Tie Dye Wedding in a Pastel Rainbow of Colors Inspiration Board

  1. Have a colorful drip wedding cake in ombre hues with macaron and doughnuts by Bijou’s Sweet Treats.
  2. Send out these rainbow watercolor wedding invitations by Purple Trail
  3. Show your style in this tie-dye halter maxi dress from Lulus—think beyond a traditional wedding gown!
  4. Did we mention that this wasn’t a normal wedding? Then, why not put a unique take on a wedding photo booth using colorful balloons tied up to a basket of a hot air balloon. Balloons via Amazon.
  5. Flaunt those glamorous nails with a glimmering manicure. Find this nail polish on Amazon.
  6. Playful and nostalgic! Give your guests the party favor that won’t be left on the tables. These Slinky-inspired toys in rainbow colors will do the trick. Available on Amazon.

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