Tropical Wedding Tables with Style: Alluring and Exotic!


Tropical-themed table settings are among the loveliest and most exciting to decorate. Imagine capturing the balmy ambiance and exotic allure of destinations like Hawaii or the South Sea Islands via centerpieces, table linens, and place settings. The fabulous tablescapes we’ve gathered show a range of styles that would be perfect for a summer reception, engagement party, or rehearsal dinner. So, even if your dream of a tropical destination wedding may not be possible, you can have your tables transport you there—even if only for a few hours!

Gorgeous Inspiration for a Summer Soiree!

The elements that truly say “tropical” in these table settings are ones you can readily pull off for your own event:

Stylish finds for tropical wedding tablescapes that incorporate vibrant colors, exotic materials, and natural elements.

  1. Vibrant colors – If there’s one thing that instantly captures that island paradise vibe, it’s color! Inspired by bold, bright tropical blooms, you have your pick of fuchsia, orange, golden yellow, and purple. While from the sea and sky, you have aquamarine, turquoise, and sea foam; and from the sand, you get muted, calming neutrals.
  2. Exotic florals – Think stunning orchids from single huge cattleyas to sprays of tiny ‘dancing ladies’ (oncidium orchids), lush bougainvillea, sturdy colorful bromeliads, bird-of-paradise blooms, plumeria or frangipani, and the whole range of succulents. Pair these with ferns, palm fronds, and other shapely leaves to create centerpieces, chair decor, and even place card holders.
  3. Patterned linens – Now is your chance to indulge in those table cloths, runners, placemats, or napkins with tropical-flower prints, or patterns of fern leaves or vines. Simply combine them with solid-colored plate ware, glasses, and serve ware in complementary hues.
  4. Elements made of natural materials – Perfect for this setting, too, are charger plates, trays, coasters, serving bowls, and platters in wood, bamboo, and rattan. Decorative accents such as driftwood, seashells, sea glass, starfish, sand dollars, pebbles, and sand provide the ideal finishing touches.
  5. Fruits as decor pieces (and dessert) – With their exotic shapes and bright colors, tropical fruits like pineapple, papaya, watermelon, mango, kiwi, and passion fruit can be crafted into eye-catching centerpieces—that guests can actually serve themselves from as part of the party fare!

How’s that for your own little corner of paradise for your reception, engagement party, or rehearsal dinner?

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