Upcycle It: Wooden Pallets Get a New Use for Weddings!

Upcycle It: Wooden Pallets Get a New Use for Weddings!

Talk about upcycling! From their humble beginnings as shipyard packing materials or as barnyard fencing, wooden pallets have found their way into weddings as both ceremony and reception decor elements. Depending on how they are used, they lend an instant rustic or industrial air to the scene. And wow, are they used creatively! The examples we’re presenting here range from wedding signs to backdrops to seating plans to a unique alternative guestbook and even an outdoor swing. Come and be inspired for your own wooden pallet decorating idea!

5 Great Uses of Wooden Pallets at Weddings

Whether you opt for the rough and rustic look with minimal adornments or you go for the country charm of fresh floral accents, wooden pallets certainly make eye-catching statement pieces. See the first 5 we found!

5 Great Uses of Wooden Pallets at Weddings

1 – Seating chart – A pallet provides such a handy display prop. As spotted in a rustic wedding in Spain, featured on Wedding Scoop, simply tack on your guest seating cards and set up outdoors!

2 – Personalized pallet art – Monograms are always popular for newlyweds. See how you can jazz up a pallet with a chevron pattern, as done by Latest Project, plus a cutout wooden letter.

3 – Programme sign – Let guests know the order of events at your wedding by using the slats of a pallet to list them all down. Simple hand-painted text and pretty pink ribbons do the trick, as in this real wedding on Want That Wedding.

4 – Ceremony backdrop – Imagine exchanging your “I Do’s” framed by this pretty background of weathered wood and bunches of fresh flowers! Sweet idea found via Hey Wedding Lady (photography: Candice Benjamin).

5 – Wedding table plan – Similar to the seating chart above, but with the pallets prettied up with tin buckets of roses to hold the table assignment cards. Love this, from Not on the High Street.

5 More Cool Ways with Wooden Pallets at Weddings

Yes, there’s more! See which one of these great (re)uses of pallets you’d love to work into your wedding.

Wooden pallet wedding decorations
6 – Alternative guest book – How cool is this? This unique guest book idea, via Wedding Wire (Andie Freeman Photography) uses a pallet cut in the shape of Georgia! What about your home state?

7 – Buffet backdrop – This charming biscuit bar was part of a real event styled by By Design Event Decor. Check out the vintage carnival letters mounted on whitewashed pallets!

8 – Menu sign – Whether your wedding is set in a quaint barn or a trendy urban warehouse, see how your reception menu can be painted on a raw pallet—as found via Brides.com (One Love Photography).

9 – Outdoor swing – Who can resist the nostalgia of a wooden plank swing hanging from a towering tree, as spotted via Joyful Weddings and Events? Such a lovely addition to a ranch or vineyard wedding!

10 – Memories and guestbook table – See how you can use the nooks and crannies of a wooden pallet to tuck in photos and other treasured mementos for display on your wedding day! Perfect for a guestbook table display like this one, courtesy of Rust and Ruffles.

Wooden pallets: Where to get them

Now that our featured finds have you all excited about decorating with pallets, you’re probably wondering: Where do you actually get them? Here are a couple of helpful links you can check out:

DIY Ready – Where to Get Free Pallets
Five Great Places to Get Low Cost Pallets

You may also want to check out places like Home Depot and Craigslist, which may offer a cheaper alternative to buying pallets locally so you won’t have to incur heavy shipping costs!

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