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Wedding Bouquet Charms: So Precious and Sentimental!


Your bouquet is certain to be a gorgeous complement to your bridal ensemble. But why not make it more personal in other ways, too—like adding a meaningful charm, memento, or heirloom piece to it? Here are 4 sweet and stylish ideas for choosing a bouquet accent that will make that memorable walk down the aisle even more of a moment to treasure!

So Charmingly Sweet and Stylish!

Personalize your wedding bouquet with charms that are sentimental from photo accents to cameos to heirloom jewel pieces.

1 – DIY vintage-style pendants – Yes, you can actually make these yourself! Thanks to a very thorough tutorial by Angelina of Jojo & Eloise, you can transform old brass rings into these beauties with a monogram, pearl beads, and a layer of Mod Podge to seal these all in. Lovely as bridesmaids’ gifts, too!

2 – A themed accent – Instead of a hanging charm or pendant, why not choose a pretty accent piece that goes with your theme? The bride at this real wedding featured on Southern Weddings had a sweet gold butterfly for their outdoor ceremony. You could also opt for a seasonal or holiday touch, like tiny snowflakes, hearts, or shamrocks.

3 – An heirloom piece – Do you have an antique brooch in the family? A lovely cameo like this one from a real bride’s bouquet captured by Murakami Photography? Or maybe you’d like to choose an extra-special piece to pass on to your own children and grandchildren! Add any of these to your bouquet to make this day even more memorable.

4 – Photo pendants – Here is a sweet way of having loved ones with you on your wedding day. Miniature frames can hold photos of family members you want to honor or remember, or perhaps even special photos of you and your groom as children, when you met, and now as a couple! Image via Weddbook.

Other ideas for bouquet charms or accents:

– vintage keys
– dog tags for the canine-loving bride
– a locket holding a treasured memento
– the birthstones of you and your husband-to-be

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