Wedding Cake Alternatives: Creative and Budget-Friendly Ideas!

Jelloscape by Bompas and Parr

Thinking of going the non-traditional route with your wedding cake? Why not? Today’s weddings have become so flexible and adaptable—allowing you to explore options with virtually every aspect of the ceremony and reception…the cake included!

So, whether it’s cost that’s a concern or you simply want to express your personal style, there are some pretty creative alternatives now available for your wedding cake. They’re still in the form of a cake—but aren’t cakes at all. Are you up to one of these? Take a look!

Creative and Budget-Friendly Wedding Cake Alternatives!

Non-traditional wedding cake ideas from jello to cupcake to donut towers! Includes cookies on tiered stands as wedding cakes! #weddingcakealternatives #nontraditionalweddingcakes

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Jello Cake

Who would’ve thought this possible? A gelatin-based cake or a variety of different colors and flavors of jello for a wedding! At the right kind of location (perhaps a sunny beach) and with an appropriate theme (a fruits-and-flowers motif), a creation like this could actually be a light, refreshing alternative to a wedding cake. Simply adorn it with elegant white lilies or orchids, and surround it with stylish candles.

Cupcake Towers

Create a multi-tiered display of individual cupcakes. These can be frosted to match your wedding color palette and embellished with decorative accents in keeping with the theme. You still get the general appearance of a traditional cake, but minus the problem of slicing and serving! The pretty cupcakes can even double as your wedding favors.

Rice Krispies® Cake

Yes, believe it or not, these are layers of tightly compacted crisped rice! To glam this “cake” up, simply add satin or velvet ribbon and top each layer with luscious berries, plums, and other decorative fruits. Fresh flowers that match your bridal bouquet or the reception centerpieces would be another beautiful adornment. Wondering how to slice and serve this cake? This recipe from Kellogg’s (the official maker of Rice Krispies®) simply says to use a serrated knife, and cut starting with the top layer.

Pies, Pies, and Pies

Consider a table with different kinds of pies! You can tailor it to the season of your wedding. For instance, at a summer wedding, serve up peach, apple, strawberry, lemon meringue, and banana cream pies! This budget-friendly idea would be a hit at an outdoor wedding reception near the 4th of July or Thanksgiving.

Donut Wedding Cake

For a trendy and crowd-pleasing option, donuts can be stacked up in a variety of creative ways! Donut wedding cakes are also a popular option for brunch or breakfast receptions. They can serve double duty when packaged in pretty boxes and given out as favors.

Cookie Wedding Cakes

Cookies displayed on tiered stands are a real budget-saver! You can present your favorite cookies from peanut butter to chocolate chip to Oreos®! For a creative presentation, serve up milk in chic champagne glasses alongside your “cake”!

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