Wedding Week #10: Trendy Dessert Alternatives to Your Wedding Cake!

French dessert via Four Seasons Magazine
Dreaming of a truly “out of the (cake) box” creation for your wedding? Then prepare to be entranced by these 5 trendy dessert ideas. Each one offers a fabulous alternative to a traditional wedding cake that will have guests talking about your reception menu for months after. To bring you the latest in confectionery trends and chef creations, we checked what the online publications were buzzing about this past week.

5 Desserts to Take the Place of a Wedding Cake

5 Plated Desserts to Take the Place of a Wedding Cake as Featured on the Wedding Bistro at Bellenza.

Due to their meticulous preparation, plated desserts like these are best suited for intimate, formal weddings. But you can certainly be inspired by the exquisite possibilities, right?

1 – “Rubik’s Cube”
A creation by Cédric Grolet, chef pâtissier at Le Meurice in Paris, this is an edible version of the 1980s cult 3D-puzzle toy composed of 27 individual iced cakes in unique flavors! (via The Telegraph)

2 – French-inspired Confections
Fabulous inspiration from authentic French pastries served at Le Relais de Paris in Casablanca, Morocco and stellar views.(via Four Seasons Magazine; photo by Philippe Sautier)

3 – A Landscaped Parfait
A tutti-frutti iced pastel treat with flavors of matcha tea, strawberry and mango, served at the fine dining restaurant Kouzu in London. (via Luxurious Magazine)

4 – Sorbet, Mousse and Cheesecake Trio
A triple treat of bitter chocolate sorbet with salted chicory mousse and a vanilla cheesecake, created by superstar chef David Everitt-Matthias. (via Birmingham Post; photo by Lisa Barber)

5 – Petal-topped Eclairs
Jennifer Yee’s lemon cream–filled éclairs with jasmine glaze and fresh and crystallized petals can be transformed into a wedding “cake” by stacking them on a multi-tiered display stand. (via; photo by Jen Yee Pastry)

It’s wonderful how today’s couples can truly make their wedding their own. Including opting for a fancy dessert instead of cake!

Be back here next Sunday for what Wedding Week will showcase next!

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