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What to Serve at a Wedding Breakfast Reception with a Vintage Country Style?

Pastry turnovers for a wedding breakfast menu.

Morning weddings may not be too common, but they actually have a magic all their own. Imagine beginning a fresh, new day—and the rest of your life—exchanging your wedding vows in the presence of your loved ones!

Once the ceremony is over, guests then proceed to a scrumptious breakfast reception that can be anywhere from a full-course sit down meal to a light coffee-and-rolls buffet. Our styled shoot will show you how even the simplest of breakfast reception fare can be presented in the prettiest way—infused with a warm vintage country style perfect for a charming wedding breakfast just in time for spring!

Create Edible Centerpieces with Tiered Food Stands

Pastry stands to serve breakfast items to guests.

The key to serving breakfast fare that is actually quite light and simple is to glam up the presentation!

  • An easy way to do this is to have individual three-tiered pastry stands, one for each reception table (see photo above).
  • These can be purchased at any tableware or food service supply section of a department store—and come in either stainless steel or glass.
  • Note: If you’ll be having several reception tables and would rather not have to invest in that many tiered racks, you may rent these from a tableware rental service.

These display stands add immediate visual interest to your tables, with their height and their many possibilities for decoration. So you may want to prepare some decorative accents like these to dress up each tier:

  • doily liners
  • individual cupcake liners or doily cups for small pastries
  • ribbons in the wedding’s color scheme
  • flowers (fresh, fabric, paper, or made of sugar gumpaste)
  • labels, cards, and picks to indicate what is being served

Once filled with food items and trimmings, these stands can in fact serve as lovely table centerpieces. Plus, guests need not walk to and from a central buffet table and have to wait their turn. They simply serve themselves at their own table and enjoy!

Include Savory and Sweet Choices on Your Menu

 Individual tea cakes in flavors like chocolate, coffee, and butter are a delightful sweet choice, topped with sugar glaze. These are perfect with coffee or tea!

To make the reception fare filling and ensure that guests feel satisfied (remember, this may be their first bite for the day!), prepare a selection that includes both savory and sweet food items.

Some savory choices:

  • turnovers made with a buttery, flaky puff pastry shell filled with breakfast ham, minced sausage, chicken or turkey flakes
  • petite finger sandwiches with similar fillings, plus egg salad and even tuna salad fillings, if you wish
  • breakfast rolls served alongside a variety of special cheeses like brie, Camembert, and herbed goat cheese
  • single-serve crepes, omelets, or quiche served alongside sausages or bacon

Tea and cookies for guests.

Include sweet choices, too:

  • Individual tea cakes in flavors like chocolate, coffee, and butter are a delightful sweet choice, topped with sugar glaze (see photo above). These are perfect with coffee or tea!
  • Danish pastries filled with peach, apple, strawberry, or blueberry fruit
  • mini croissants in a choice of plain or fruit-filled
  • freshly-baked cinnamon rolls
  • mini bundt cakes
  • breakfast muffins: blueberry, banana nut, and cranberry oat
  • macaron de Paris in the sweetest pastel colors
  • fresh fruits on the side, such as apples, peaches, pears, and grapes (Tip: If you opt to slice the fruits for the guests’ convenience, do so only in small quantities immediately before serving. Then, replenish as needed.)

 Donuts, creme puffs, and French Madeleines on a white pastry stand.

Provide a Yogurt Station with a Variety of Fillings

For those who prefer healthy options, serve a variety of yogurt such as Greek yogurt together with fillings like granola, fresh berries, and cereal. Syrups like raspberry puree, chocolate, and butterscotch are optional.

Assemble a Breakfast Beverage Station with Self-serve Options

The beverages at a breakfast reception are simple and straightforward:

  • freshly brewed coffee – choose your favorite blend and provide syrups like amaretto, Irish cream, and vanilla. Use a French press for a sophisticated flair (see below).
  • piping hot tea – a selection of English and herbal varieties
  • hot chocolate – creamy American style or thick Spanish style (or both!)
  • fruit juices – freshly squeezed and served nice and cold
  • champagne – start or end the breakfast reception with a toast to the bride and groom
  • mimosas and bellinis – serve breakfast cocktails (*purely optional)

French press coffee service for guests.

The trick, though, is to present these in just as special a way as the food items:

  • For serving hot beverages, you may prepare just one set of cups and saucers for coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. And if it suits your wedding motif, make these the prettiest cups and saucers you can find in a vintage floral pattern.
  • You may also choose to have different serving options for each: dainty cups and saucers for the tea, heavier cups for the coffee, and ceramic or earthenware mugs for the hot chocolate.
  • Provide an array of accompaniments for guests to “customize” their drinks: sugar crystals or cubes (decorated and tinted ones would be nice!), warm whole milk or cream, and lemon wedges; and for the hot chocolate, mini marshmallows and cocoa powder as toppings.

A cost-saving plus factor: Aside from the champagne toast to the newlyweds, the early hour leaves out the need for serving wines and cocktails. A major cost saving factor right there!

Set Pretty Favors by the Place Settings!

For a wedding breakfast with a charming country feel, it is only fitting to give out pretty petite baskets holding buttery sugar cookies for guests! Add a name card to each basket to have them double up as place card holders, too.

Give guests home-baked cookies in petite favor baskets.

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