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10 Holiday Cookies from Around the World

White sugar powdered cookies

Who doesn’t love holiday cookies?! The gorgeously decorated ones are always a huge hit. But for our roundup of cookie favor ideas, we decided to showcase some unique varieties using unusual ingredients or else paying tribute to the well-loved Christmas treats of different countries. So for a winter wedding, get ready to sample this scrumptious array of 10 holiday cookies you can give as favors!

Unique Christmas cookies that are homemade

1 – Pretzels in holiday shapes form the base for these delightful peanut butter pretzel bites, by What Megan’s Making. For each cookie, a mixture of peanut butter, butter and sugar is sandwiched between 2 pretzels. Then, the pretzel pairs are chilled in the fridge and finally dipped into melted chocolate. No baking required! Don’t you just love these? Your guests will, too!

2 – Let’s start with America’s yuletide favorite: peppermint! These candy cane thumbprint cookies from Kitchen Daily have a creamy peppermint filling topped with crushed candy canes. And why “thumbprint”? Well, bakers know that refers to the indentation made in the basic cookie before piping on the filling. Prepare a pretty boxful for each guest!

3 – For a light and delicate treat, why not opt for Chinese almond cookies? As the post at Simply Recipes describes them, these cookies “have a crisp bite and delightfully sandy texture” plus wonderful flavor thanks to almond flour, almond extract, and slivered almonds. And when given as gifts, almond cookies are said to symbolize coins for good fortune!

4 – From Aqui Se Cocina, we have Mexican cream-filled cookies called buñuelos. Unlike oven-baked cookies, though, these are deep-fried into golden balls. They are then stuffed with your choice of chocolate or cream filling and dusted with icing sugar. Yum!

5 – One unusual flavor surprise we discovered on iVillage are these lemon-thyme cookie wreaths. Imagine the blend of citrus and herb in every bite. Plus, how cute are they cut in simple ring shapes with a cookie cutter, topped with sanding sugar, then frosted with white icing “berries”!

6 – Swedish spritz cookies are another holiday favor option we found on My Gourmet Connection. Known for their buttery, melt-in-your-mouth goodness, these can be pressed into Christmas shapes then sprinkled with red and green colored sugar.

7 – From Holland come these charming kerstkransjes, or Dutch Christmas cookies. As we learned from Our Kitchen (Fisher & Paykel), these treats are decorated so prettily because they’re meant to trim the family Christmas tree. So if you give these as favors, guests can follow this Dutch tradition—that is, if there are any cookies left to hang!

8 – No, these aren’t your usual “Turkish delight” sweets. But they are inspired by Turkey’s kurabiye cookies, made with chopped walnuts, lemon zest, and cardamom spice. To make these nutty treats, follow the recipe from Delicious Istanbul then present them in colorful, exotic packaging.

9 – With Italians being lovers of celebrations, it’s no wonder they have this “any holiday cookie.” Variously called Italian Christmas cookies, Italian wedding cookies, or anisette cookies, this recipe shared on Jules Food explains that the dough can be shaped in any way, then baked, topped with an anise-flavored glaze, and decorated with sprinkles.

10 – These pecan-based Mexican wedding cookies featured on Sifting Focus are great favorites at any celebration (not just weddings!). In fact, they are popular Christmas treats under different names, one of which is Russian tea cookies. But whatever their origin, these snowball-like goodies would make delicious winter wedding favors!

Planning to give cookies this Christmas? Share your favorite cookie with us!

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