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5 Cool and Creative Wedding Programs

Cootie catcher wedding program in white

Tradition dictates that the wedding program keeps everyone on top of what’s going on at the ceremony. But beyond that, the program’s design is fair game! So, what a treat for today’s couples to have the entire range of program formats to choose from: from elegant classic designs to the most off-the-wall ideas!

Learn the Basics of Wedding Programs, First!

  1. Classic programs – These are usually in the form of a single-fold booklet with the ceremony details printed on textured or parchment paper. The elegant cover is normally of colored card stock held in place with a coordinated ribbon—and sometimes with the couple’s monogram embossed on it.
  2. DIY programs – These crafty creations can range anywhere from “paddle fan” programs (see DIY example below); to one-sheet printouts on colored stock, rolled into scrolls; to sets of card strips slipped into sleeves of handmade paper; to photos of the couple over-printed with the program information. And the embellishments and trimmings can be as imaginative as you can dream up!
  3. Themed programs – These allow you to really run with your wedding theme, the season, the location, or some fun personal detail about the two of you! A passport format perhaps for a travel theme? An “old school” telegram concept for an Art Deco motif? (See these 2 cool ideas below!) Oversized tickets for a carnival theme? Maple leaves stitched together for a fall-time wedding? The possibilities are limited only by your creativity!
  4. “Activity” programs – These keep guests occupied during lulls in the wedding (just kidding!). Actually, these are clever interactive programs that incorporate some form of activity—a word game, some trivia about the couple, riddles, etc.—along with the ceremony details. Others may include a page or section for writing wedding greetings, that can then be separated and dropped into a “wish basket” at the reception.

So which program style is most “you”? If you come up with something really original for your wedding program, do send in some pics for us to feature! Email them to: bellenzabistro@gmail.com.

Talk about unique designs and formats! Check out these creative wedding programs:

DIY wedding program ideas

1. A paddle fan format (with a helpful tutorial)
2. Get personal with a photo card format
3. A fab passport format for a travel-themed wedding
4. A playful “cootie catcher” format
5. A whimsical telegram format for an Art Deco or vintage themed wedding

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Sites with downloadable program templates:

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