Bridal Gift Idea: A Personalized “Mrs. Hanger” for Her Wedding Dress

Personalized Wedding Hangers as Gifts

Imagine the thrill of the bride seeing her wedding dress displayed on her very own personalized “Mrs. Hanger”! That’s what makes this such a thoughtful gift to give her. It bears her name, often the wedding date, too, plus maybe a meaningful word or phrase. You can order a customized hanger from a wedding supplier (be sure to check the lead time needed for production and shipping). Or you can actually make one yourself, using some great DIY techniques we discovered.

Okay, now it’s time for some wedding hanger shopping or crafting! (*this post contains affiliate links)

Wedding Hangers You Can Custom-Order

Choose from the wide selection of customizable bridal dress hangers on the web, offering styles, materials, colors, and adornments for every preference and budget. Like these great finds from Amazon!

Custom wedding hangers

1 – Glitter Gold / Silver / Pink Personalized Bridal Hanger
Aside from choosing from the 3 colors of glitter, you can also specify the color of wire to be used and the ribbon to adorn each hanger.

2 – Personalized Mrs. Hanger
Custom-made out of oak and painted any color you specify. Aside from the bride’s surname and a custom date (abbreviated month, day and year), you may request a word or phrase.

3 – Personalized Wedding Dress Hanger
(same description as No. 2 above)

4 – Rose Gold Personalized Wedding Hanger
(same description as No. 2 above, so actually available in many more colors than rose gold)

5 – Personalized Wedding Dress Hanger with Date
Made of wood painted black, brown, natural wood, or white, this hanger uses a metal alloy for the name and date decorated with an ornate trim. You can add a word or two in English with a maximum of 13 letters.

6 – Personalized Wedding Hanger with Wire Name and Date
The name or phrase is hand made with aluminum wire, attached to a solid wood hanger. Plus you may request an additional phrase up to 14 letters long.

DIY Ideas for a Mrs. Hanger

For the crafty gift-giver, these options for truly personalizing a wedding dress hanger might be just your thing!

Mrs. hangers ideas and inspiration.

1 – DIY Wedding Hangers using Water Slide Decals – A cool idea from Polkadot Closet that makes the lovely vintage-style design appear painted or printed on the wood. The secret is the use of water slide decals, following this tutorial.

2 – Wedding Hanger with Name and Date Engraved – The DIY idea you can take from this quaint bridal hanger from Remember the Day is the lovely hand-painted rose in the center of the hand-engraved arms. So pretty for a rustic or country-themed wedding.

3 – Bride Mrs. Hanger with White or Ivory Flower Details – This sweet example from Handmade Affair adorns the hanger with a bunch of satin and silk flowers with a dainty pearl spray.

4 – DIY Wire Wedding Hanger – Now, if you’ve been wondering how all those wire bride’s names are made, here’s a full tutorial from Jarring Impact. (Plus another good one in the tips below.)

Materials, Tutorials, and Tips for Making Your Own Wedding Hanger

If you’ll be making the bride’s name out of wire:

  • Wooden hangers in natural stain or your choice of color (you can buy in sets of 6 or a dozen to make hangers for the rest of the wedding party, too)
  • 12 gauge floral wire (plus a thinner gauge for the wedding date, if you’ll include it)
  • Long-nose or needle nose pliers
  • Round bottle top or other cylindrical item to form the curved parts of the letters
  • Drill with a small drill bit (for making holes where the wire name will be attached to the hanger)
  • Hot glue gun or super glue (for securing the end of the wire name into the drilled holes in the hanger)
  • Ribbon in color or pattern of your choice
  • Other embellishments, if desired (see list below)

For the basic procedure for a wire-name hanger, you can follow this great tutorial from Token & Bliss.

If you’ll be making the bride’s name with calligraphy or name decals:

  • Wooden hangers in a light, natural stain
  • Paint in your choice of colors, including metallics (even Sharpies will do)
  • Ribbon in color or pattern of your choice
  • Other embellishments, if desired (see list below)

For handwritten names using Sharpies, see this tutorial from Something Turquoise.

To use decals, make the names using DIY hanger stickers/decals or a similar one such as this Bride and Groom vinyl decal set available from Amazon.

Or if you have a Cricut machine (via Amazon), you can cut the vinyl decals yourself.

Optional embellishments for the finished hanger:

  • Fabric strips or dainty lace for wrapping around parts of the hanger
  • Pearls
  • Beads
  • Sequins
  • Rhinestones
  • Gemstones
  • Glitter

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