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Crafting Favor Rolls – A Fun Candy-wrap Project

Favor rolls project

When it comes to packaging candy, favor bags and boxes are the obvious choice. But how about using rolls instead? They’re a breeze to create. Plus, with a clever switch of materials, favor rolls can convey any look—from chic elegance, to dainty charm, to exotic opulence. In this project, our favor rolls send an immediate fun vibe for a casual rehearsal dinner, luncheon, or tea party. The materials are easy to find and budget-friendly, and the colorful finishing touches are just so appealing. Want to try your hand at it? Follow the seven simple steps below, and you’ll have your own favor rolls in no time!

Materials for Making Favor Rolls:

1. For creating the rolls – We used sheets of woven dried palm strips. But you can also use craft or handmade paper, thin textured board from a stationery shop, toilet paper rolls, or any similar material that can be formed into a cylinder …and suits your theme.

2. For the paper bows – Prepare crepe paper in two colors.

3. For attaching the bows to the favor rolls – Cut lengths of twine, string, or thin ribbon.

4. For wrapping the candy fillers – Set out squares of gift-wrapping tissue.

5. For a finishing touch (optional) – Attach a personalized favor tag, or other embellishments that match the party motif.

6. Tools – Scissors, tape, and a fine marker pen

Simple Steps for Making Your Own Party Favor Rolls:


Step 1: Gather all of your materials. Then, make a quick review of your guest list, so that you can calculate how many rolls to prepare.

Step 2: Start by cutting your basic roll-material into squares measuring about 5 ¾” x 5”. Since you’ll be making several of these rolls, cut the required number of squares all at once to save you time. Be sure your scissors are sharp to give a clean-edged cut!


Step 3: Once you’ve cut all the squares, take one and carefully roll it into a neat, little cylinder.

Step 4: Aim for a diameter of about 1¾” for the cylinder. Hint: Keep in mind the candy you plan to fill the rolls with, so you can adjust the diameter as needed.

Secure the roll with a piece of tape attached to the center. Repeat the roll-and-tape process with the rest of the squares. Then, set these aside while you make the “floral bows.”


Step 5: To make these pretty floral bows, start by cutting:

– one color of crepe paper (we used yellow) into 7” x 3½” pieces
– the other color of crepe paper (green) into 3½” x 3½” squares*
– string or twine into 16” lengths
* this can be optional

1. Take the pieces of yellow paper and fold them in an “accordion” fashion, making folds about ¼” each. Do the same with the squares of green paper.

2. Take a pair of folded yellow paper and folded green paper. Pinch their centers together to form a bow shape.

3. With a length of string, tie the bows together—knotting twice to secure them. Don’t cut the excess string, though. You’ll need it for Step 6.


Step 6: To attach the bows to the favor rolls, position each bow at the midpoint of a cylinder. Then, take the bow’s excess string and loop it once or twice around the cylinder, while holding the bow in place. Again, knot the string twice to make sure it’s secure. Fluff up the ends of each bow to create a flower-like effect, with the green paper as “leaves.”

Step 7: Now you’re ready to fill your favor rolls! Keep the candy from falling out of the package by first wrapping them in squares of gift-wrapping tissue. The resulting candy pouches will then fit snugly when you place them in the favor rolls. Plus, they’ll be easy for guests to take out to enjoy the sweet treats. Hint: For a personalized favor, attach a pretty favor tag in the shape of a leaf or other theme-inspired design.

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