DIY Seed Packet Table Name Holders for a Spring Garden Wedding

Seed Packet Table Name Holders Tutorial

For a spring wedding reception with a garden theme or that happens to fall on Earth Day, how lovely would it be to have your tablescape all abloom with flowers! From napkin accents, to place cards, to table names, you can incorporate something floral and eco-friendly in creative and surprisingly easy ways. Take this delightful DIY project we have for you: Seed Packet Table Name Holders. You can create several in just minutes, following our 5 simple steps!

How to Make Seed Packet Table Names

Step 1: Assemble the needed materials.

 Assemble the needed materials such as seed packets, scissors, and pots.

  • assorted packets of flower seeds (a different kind for each table, since the flower names will serve as the table names)
  • mini plastic or terracotta pots
  • barbecue sticks or long wooden skewers
  • bunches of asters, baby’s breath, or similar tiny flowers
  • pebbles, cubes of florist’s foam, or moss
  • scissors
  • glue gun

Step 2: Glue about a quarter of the blunt end of a stick or skewer to the reverse side of each seed packet, with the pointed end pointing downward.

Attach seed packets to sticks.

Step 3: Fill each pot about halfway with pebbles, a block of florist’s foam, or moss to provide some weight and to serve as a base for the seed packets on sticks. Note: You can also find seeds for flowers such as tulips, dahlias, sunflowers, and even wildflowers. Herbs are also great like oregano, basil, parsley, rosemary, thyme, and chives.

Stand the seed packet on the pot.

Step 4: Insert the pointed end of each stick with a seed packet into a weighted pot. (Note: If the reception will be held in a breezy garden venue, you may want to add more pebbles, foam, or moss for stability.)

centering the marigold seed packet

Step 5: While holding the stick upright and steady, fill the surrounding space inside each pot with the asters, baby’s breath, or similar flowers.

Finished seed table number to display at reception.

Finally, position the finished Seed Packet Table Names so that each table is identified by the name of a flower. Such a pretty way to complete your spring reception table styling! A wonderful idea for a couple with a green thumb!

Finished spring table name holder.

Spring Place Card + Favor Idea

The same flower seed packets can also be used as place cards. Simply print the guests’ names on card stock or sticker paper, cut them out, and glue them onto the packets covering the flower names. Then, tuck a packet-place card alongside each plate.

To have these double up as eco-friendly party favors, you may add little tags saying, “Take me home to plant, and enjoy the blooms!” or “let love grow!”

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