DIY to Semi-DIYable Wedding Ideas for a Small Budget

Simple ways to save and have a sensible yet stylish wedding ceremony and reception.

With weddings running from a low of $32K to a high of $60K, we all know that rising costs continue to make weddings a very costly experience for many couples. This makes planning a wedding a very stressful time as brides and grooms aspire to put on a memorable celebration, while balancing this desire with being pragmatic. For this reason, we are bringing you stylish DIY to semi-DIYable ideas for saving on your wedding budget. *this post contains affiliate links.

DIY to Semi-DIY Ideas for a Small Budget Wedding

Please bear in mind that the examples we present take into account that you want to forego the services of a professional such as florist, cake artisan, or stationer. We also assume that you’ve had some crafting and/or baking experience, which would be handy in a budget wedding of less than $20K.

5 Cost-cutting Wedding Ideas that Don’t Skimp on Style

Create your own faux bouquet. We like this one from Michaels featuring faux ivory peonies. Simply use a white bouquet wrap with pearl trimming to complete the look of this faux bouquet. If you don’t like faux, consider your local grocery where fresh flower bouquets are always available. You can always add a bouquet wrap and other accents to personalize it.

Bake your own wedding cake. Go classic or naked! Consider a single layer classic simple white cake decorated with your own accents like gold dragees, rainbow sprinkles, or other similar candies. If you prefer, you can also create a naked wedding cake with strawberry fillings and toppings. To present the cake on a table, add some votive candles around the cake. Add your own Mr. and Mrs. cake topper. Remember that the cake doesn’t have to be one big element. Break it down into three different cakes with unique flavors for a fun idea.

Print your own invitations. If you are adept at using your home printer, the gold foil dots invitation set by Garner Studios has a modern and festive vibe that can work throughout the year regardless of the season.  You can also print your own wedding program with a similar motif.

Get creative with your guest book. This is one aspect of your wedding that you can definitely pour your creative juices into because there are so many creative objects to use. With a permanent marker in shiny silver or gold, you can use a basic wooden tray available on Amazon for guests to sign and leave their wedding wishes.

Make a sweet ending with a candy buffet station that doubles up as your favors. Love is sweet, indeed. A complete kit of candy ranging from jelly beans to lollipops can be purchased via Amazon (sold by Big Dot of Happiness). These kits are available in various color schemes of blue, pink, gold, and white. You can purchase various sizes of glass containers separately such as: large apothecary jars, medium-sized cylinder vases, and fish-bowl shaped glass vases. Provide guests with serving scoops and cello bags with stickers.

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