Featured Wedding Person#2: Ceri Olofson of Olofson Design


If it’s a show-stopping wedding cake you’re looking for, then you must see the incredible creations of Ceri Olofson of London-based Olofson Design! The moment we stumbled upon her website, we just found ourselves more and more awed with each cake design presented. And no wonder, as Ceri herself explains in her “Process” section, “Designing and creating your cake with Olofson Design is indulgent in the extreme. Every cake I make begins life as a blank sheet of paper – there’s no list of standard designs, no cakes made on a regular basis but fresh, innovative designs created solely for you.”

And it certainly shows!

Ceri’s Custom Cake Designs: A Stunning Sampling!

Featuring the wedding cakes of olofson Design in London

These give you just a tiny peek into Ceri’s Portfolio, so do click through to be thoroughly wowed. Her designs range from pristine and minimalist, to Art Deco and architectural, to rich and near-baroque. She makes amazing use of marbled effects, hand painting, and the look of tile and mosaic. And each cake is conceptualized and created exclusively for a couple, and for them alone. Truly bespoke!

Take a peek at Ceri’s Teaching section, too. What a delight to know that she loves being invited to talk, demonstrate or teach. “I can promise you that, as I’m completely self-taught, my teaching is always friendly, practical, accessible and tailored to the group I’m working with.”

Cookery schools, sugarcraft schools, private lessons and parties, in the UK or overseas, here’s an opportunity you might want to grab! Ceri announces, “I’m always happy to travel, so wherever you are, do get in touch.” You can contact her here!

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