How to Make Your Own Wine Bottle with Fairy Lights as Wedding Decorations

How to Make Your Own Wine Bottle with Fairy Lights as Wedding Decorations

Let scintillating fairy lights cast a magical glow on your wedding reception tables. If you are just as curious as us in terms of how to make these pretty pieces for your wedding, then you’re in the right place! Wine bottles with fairy string lights are remarkably simple to make. With just a few basic supplies, see how fun and easy they are to craft as wedding table decorations or even as pretty favors to take home for your guests.

Wine Bottle with Fairy Lights as Wedding Decorations

First, here are the basic supplies to use:

  • LED string light cork stoppers, which are battery-operated through the cork (1 – via Amazon). Or, you can buy string light cork stoppers with wine bottles as a set (2 – via Amazon), which is a more convenient way to do this project. The LED string lights have to be bought together with the cork because the cork is where the battery resides in order to power the lights.
  • Empty wine bottles (these can be reusable ones but plain ones are preferred so you can personalize them). You can buy as plain clear bottles (3 – via Amazon) in various colors ranging from emerald green to amber to a rainbow of colors.
  • Decals or wine labels (this is why plain bottles are preferred). This is a great option for decorating wine bottles based on your wedding’s style or motif. Clear decals (4 – via Amazon) that you’d personalize and print at home are suggested, since you’d want the lights to shine through the wine bottle.

If you choose to give these bottles as favors, add your own flair such as ribbons and favor tags. Use markers such as metallic, chalk ink, or a light color to make your own personal etching. Have fun making your own designs!

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