How to Set Up a Coffee Bar at a Winter Wedding

Coffee bar station ideas for a winter wedding

A great favorite at winter wedding receptions is a hot chocolate or cocoa station. But a wedding coffee bar that offers piping hot cups of fragrant coffee would be a sure hit, too! So, to help you set up your own coffee station with a winter spin, read on for some fabulous styling inspiration we found – featuring looks from rustic to vintage to modern. We also present our picks for coffee serve ware and delicious holiday-flavored ground coffee, as well as tempting sweets and treats for guests to pair with their fave hot beverage. Get ready for a mega post to guide you step by coffee-fragrant step. Love is definitely brewing this wintertime! (*this post contains affiliate links)

Coffee Bar Styling Inspiration: 9 Amazing Looks

How to Set Up a Winter Coffee Bar at a Wedding

1 – Rustic Romantic – This gorgeous coffee bar from Keurig Bridal combines the rustic look of wood with the romance of pastel pink florals. Dainty china cups are perched alongside modern coffee makers and other supplies, while a cutout coffee sign hangs from a fancy chandelier.

2 – Antique-inspired – Gleaming ornate coffee pots dominate the display in this coffee station from A Southern Soiree. While the practical accessories and ingredients are arranged casually within reach, alongside stacked china cups.

3 – Organic Industrial – The industrial-style venue of this reception via Junebug Weddings (image: Unveiled Radiance Photography) set the tone for this coffee bar, with styro cups and piles of cookies on a simple table.

4 – Farmhouse Charm – The amazing setting of Cherry Basket Farm, featured on Cater Leelanau, includes a quaint antique oven perfect for a coffee bar! (image: Weber Photographers)

5 – Casual Chic – The crisp white of the table and serve ware in this coffee station from Fantabulosity creates a bright, cheerful look that’s so inviting.

6 – DIY BarSincerely, Marie Designs (formerly The Tale of an Ugly House) shows how this rustic wood frame was built around an existing table and a self-painted chalkboard.

7 – Modern – Called the “Grand Coffee Station” by Jay’s Catering, this modern display features cool coffee accompaniments: fresh whipped cream, chocolate shavings, and demitasse sugar sticks. (image: B. Yunie Photography)

8 – Holiday Cheer – This simple setup from 1915 House makes lovely use of a star lantern and fairy lights for a festive take on a coffee (and hot cocoa) bar.

9 – Campfire-inspired – From Salt Lake Bride & Groom comes this campfire-inspired coffee station featuring a unique pour-over bar with vintage mugs and a spread of fresh fruit pop tarts and old-fashioned doughnuts rolled in cinnamon sugar.

Furniture Pieces to Use for a Coffee Station

As the examples above show, much of the impact of your coffee bar is owed to the furniture piece used as its base. So take a cue from these sourcing tips:

Tip #1 – Visualize what type of table or other furniture piece would allow your coffee bar to suit your wedding theme.

Tip #2 – Keep in mind, too, the size you will need for setting up all the coffee paraphernalia and to fit your reception venue.

Tip #3 – Look around your home for a likely piece that you already have, or borrow from a family member or friend. You’ll save a major expense that way.

Tip #4 – Your next option would be to scour secondhand furniture shops, yard sales, and thrift stores. You may just chance upon a great bargain.

Tip #5 – The final option would be to buy the right furniture item, and consider it an investment for your home! Great choices would be a vintage-style dresser, a console table, a bookcase, even a children’s room hutch – or if space is really tight, a kitchen or bar cart,

Styling Your Coffee Bar: Helpful Tips + Product Picks

Coffee Bar Styling Essentials

Tip #1 – Call attention with a coffee bar sign.

It’s always cool to have signage of some sort (even if the aroma of coffee will draw guests anyway!) You could choose from a coffee bar standee-type sign (1) or one that says “Love is Brewing” with pretty florals (2).

Tip #2 – Choose a coffee machine to suit the number of guests you will serve.

When deciding on what coffee maker you need, ask your caterer’s advice for a large reception or invest in one yourselves for an intimate gathering – like this sleek Breville Nespresso Coffee Maker (3). Note: Don’t you love the stacks of star-shaped cookies in the form Christmas trees?

Tip #3 – Prepare cups or mugs that suit your wedding theme and the available space.

Have cups or mugs within easy reach for guests to serve themselves. You could opt for personalized coffee mugs (4) that double as wedding keepsakes, or space-saving stacking cups (5) that leave more room free.

Tip #4 – Set out coffee accessories that are practical, convenient and stylish, too.

Think essentials like sweeteners and honey in single-serve sachets (6), coffee scoops (7) that double as coffee bag clips (a pretty cool styling idea for your display!), and winter-inspired serve ware like white charger plates (8) and wooden trays (9) for displaying food items on the coffee bar. For holding cutlery like spoons, forks and stirrers, why not a cute reindeer caddy (10)? And to play up the wintry look, include snowflake placemats (11) and “Baby It’s Cold Outside” party napkins (12).

Tip #5 – Plan coffee-inspired wedding favors.

Prepare a favor display with its own special sign (13) saying “Love is brewing – Please take a favor of our favorite coffee.” And in a basket, set out personalized coffee sachets (14) containing your favorite blend and personalized coffee sleeves (15) wrapped around styro to-go cups filled with treats.

Winter Flavors for Coffee

This is the perfect opportunity to serve special coffee blends inspired by the season! Just look at our finds from World Market. The names alone will have everyone humming holiday tunes over steaming cups of coffee!

1 – World Market® Chocolate Peppermint Coffee

2 – World Market® Holiday Blend Coffee

3 – World Market® Holiday Eggnog Coffee

4 – World Market® Red Velvet Ground Coffee

5 – World Market® Fireside Rum Ground Coffee

Food Items to Include

You mustn’t forget! Your coffee bar wouldn’t be complete without scrumptious treats to go with each cup of joe. Depending on your personal taste and your budget, you can consider these options:

Option #1 – Home-bake your favorite goodies – maybe using treasured family recipes you’d love to share with your guests.

Option #2 – Buy ready-made from a bakery or grocery, and arrange the treats prettily on cake stands, serving trays, marble boards, and tiered pastry stands.

Option #3 – Have your caterer supply an array of traditional “coffee partners” like donuts, bagels, scones, cookies, pastries, biscotti, and “snowballs” which are actually Mexican wedding cookies – also known as Russian tea cakes.

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