Offbeat Wedding Cakes with Personality: Dare to Be Different!

Chess wedding cake

A definite focal point of your wedding reception will be the wedding cake. The question is, though, how much of a showstopper do you want it to be? For some offbeat and daring couples, their cake design could range from unusual or innovative all the way to quirky or even outrageous! Wondering how far ‘out of the (cake) box’ you would go? Take a look at the range of unique creations we’ve gathered here. One of them just might be your kind of ‘different’!

Thinking ‘Out of the (Cake) Box’ for Your Wedding

Offbeat wedding cake designs from country flowers to edgy and modern!

Traditional wedding cakes tend to have that pastel floral gorgeousness that is certainly pleasing, but also quite predictable. Well, each of the cakes above has something distinctive that goes beyond ‘more of the same’.

Charming and quaint – The country look of gingham and flowers (2) is more often seen on birthday cakes, but would be delightful at a garden wedding, too. Even a German folk art motif (4) or a Russian-inspired topper and graphics (3) work their charms as they honor the bride’s or the groom’s heritage.

Striking designs and finishes – Some cakes are designed for that ‘made you look’ effect. And these examples certainly caught our attention: glistening edible sequins in a different color per layer (5), a muted paisley pattern combined with a dainty floral vine (1), and pastel-colored ‘confetti medallions’ clinging to a white cake (6).

Clearly thematic – And there’s no mistaking the themes behind this Game Themed Cake with a stack of game boards as a base (7).

How different are you willing to go with your wedding cake?

Image credits:
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