SEE & DO: A Dazzling Champagne Proposal Display Table

SEE & DO: A Dazzling Champagne Proposal Display Table

Now, here is a fabulous way to POP the question! Especially if you’re planning to propose during the holidays or right on New Year’s Eve. This idea can even work for a romantic Valentine’s Day proposal. Create a dazzling proposal display table with stylishly glamorous flair – yet surprisingly simple to assemble. Just take your cue from our 3-step how-to!

Proposal Table Materials to Gather

These are the items we used, but feel free to modify as you wish:

1 bottle of champagne (for our project, we used a bottle of Krug Champagne)

1 ice bucket with ice

1 tall cylinder glass vase

1 white ostrich feather

1 low clear glass vase

1 silver trinket box or condiment dish

1 bunch of pink carnations

1 cup of fresh raspberries

1 small table or display stand (ours had a lighted surface)

Step #1 – Do some prep work.

Champagne bucket on table

Pre-chill the champagne. Glitz up the small vase with a band of rhinestones, if you wish (see our related tutorial here).

Step #2 – Arrange the elements on your table.


Position the table to suit your “proposal plan.” Right alongside a romantic dinner table for two might be good with maybe a dessert cart nearby, so it won’t be so obvious!


(Note: If you don’t have a table with a lighted top, you can create one with a sheet of plexiglass and lights underneath – or simply add a lovely white candle to the elements.)

Then, arrange the ice bucket with the champagne bottle, the vases with the flowers and the ostrich feather.

Step #3 – Hide the ring!

Champagne with glass bucket of ice

Finally, tuck the engagement ring underneath the raspberries in the silver holder. That’s it!

Oh, and if you’d like a winter-inspired centerpiece to match your proposal scene, visit our recent post here.

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