See & Do: A DIY Sand-covered Beach Wedding Table Number

Sand textured table number for a beach wedding tablescape

As you can see, we’re still on our beach and tropical wedding binge! We have so many fab ideas we’re excited to share with you as summer draws near. So let’s get right to this next mini-tutorial for another DIY element for your reception tables: beach-inspired table numbers! Just 3 basic materials and minimal crafting skills are all you need. Come see the cool results!

How to Make Sand-covered Table Numbers

Sand table number DIY | The Wedding Bistro at Bellenza


Obviously, you’ll only need as many numbers as your intended number of tables. So adjust the quantity of materials accordingly.

  1.   3D numbers (available in different sizes in craft stores pre-made in cardboard, wood or papier mache)
  2.   Spray-on adhesive or white glue and a small paintbrush
  3.   Sand (available in landscaping outlets, pet stores for aquariums)


Step 1 – Spray on the adhesive or brush the white glue onto the 3D numbers in sections.

Step 2 – Quickly sprinkle sand onto those sections while the adhesive/glue is still tacky. Shake off any excess sand.

Step 3 – Keep working until the numbers are evenly covered with sand on all sides.

Step 4 – Allow the numbers to dry thoroughly so that the sand doesn’t flake off when touched.

Step 5 – Position a number on each wedding reception table, either standing or lying flat amidst other decorative embellishments to match the tropical theme.

Sand table decorations

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Sand and seashell tablescape for a tropical-inspired wedding in brown and green hues

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