Spring Centerpieces for the DIY Bride: Simple Yet Striking!

Spring centerpieces diy for weddings

The freshness and cheer of seasonal blooms make spring wedding centerpieces such a joy to behold. Not to mention, a breeze to make for DIY brides as well! You just need to present the flowers in ways that will allow their amazing colors and varied shapes to work their natural charm, and the effect on your reception tables will be a pure delight!

So just how does one achieve that effortless look for spring centerpieces? Take inspiration from the gorgeous sampling we have here—plus some tips for flower choices, containers you can use, and decorative touches you might add.

Delightful Spring Wedding Centerpieces in 3 Easy DIY Steps

With today’s trend towards more relaxed, intimate and personal weddings, centerpiece making can be surprisingly stress-free and un-fussy. Especially in springtime!

Spring Centerpieces for the DIY Bride that are Simple Yet Striking!

Image credits: 1 – Heather Bullard / 2 – Bed of Flowers / 3 – Klastyling / 4 – Pottery Barn / 5 – Bayside Bride / 6 – Moonshine and Wool (tumblr)

Oooh and ahhh over all these pretty arrangements. Then, follow Steps 1-2-3 to create your own.

Step 1: Select spring-blooming flowers.

  • – Depending on your location and your budget, you may opt for wildflowers literally plucked from an open meadow, fresh cut blooms bought from a nearby farmers market, or seasonal flowers ordered from a local florist.
  • – Beautiful choices come spring are: pansies, peonies, gerbera daisies, daffodils, delphinium, anemone, hydrangea, ranunculus, roses, sweet pea, hyacinth and iris, with year-round fillers such as asters, statice, gypsophilia (“baby’s breath”) and Queen Anne’s lace.

Step 2: Choose the containers for display.

Following the uncluttered, minimalist look shown in the photos, you won’t actually need a whole lot of flowers. Note how many are placed singly or in small bunches in a variety of containers, and then grouped artfully on trays, wooden boards or table runners.

  • – For this approach, ideal containers would be vintage glass bottles (either clear or tinted), canning or mason jars, wine bottles, glass decanters, wine glasses and flutes, perfume or apothecary bottles, old-fashioned milk bottles, even empty jam jars or baby food jars.
  • – From your kitchen, consider pristine white crockery, milk glass vases, pitchers, tea pots and tea cups, sugar and creamer sets. And dig up interesting trays from fancy silver to rustic wood to sleek metallic—depending on your theme.

Just remember to keep it simple. You want to keep the focus on the pretty flowers!

Step 3: Arrange and adorn.

  • – Place single blooms in the small, slender containers and perhaps an assorted handful in the larger ones.
  • – Then group these to show the range of striking spring colors and the interesting variety of holders. Use a tray, plank of wood, or table runner to create a base to tie them all together.
  • – Adornments are entirely optional, and should be understated, too. Twine, raffia, small burlap strips, maybe some twigs and stones would do just fine.

Don’t over think this arranging step, though! Here, random and unplanned is good. Oh, but don’t forget the water!

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