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Tutorials for: How to Use Lace Doilies as Wedding Decorations!

The different ways of using lace doilies as wedding decorations

The dainty romance of lace is always a lovely touch at a wedding. So we thought we would suggest some simple DIY ways to bring it into your reception decor—via lace doilies! These can be part of a full shabby chic setting or just provide hints of sweetness in even the most edgy ‘urban chic’ design. And what’s so great about these projects is that the doilies are already pre-made (unless of course, you’re an avid crochet crafter and want to make them yourself). You need only re-shape them to come up with these delightful decorative accents for your reception!

All 5 of these projects make use of the same basic materials:

  1. crocheted lace doilies – store-bought, vintage, or made by you!
  2. white crafter’s or school glue
  3. needle and thread, if needed

That’s it! But don’t you just love the amazingly pretty results?

You can make darling little ‘bowls’ to hold candy dishes, petite flower arrangements, potpourri, even escort cards. These would make the loveliest votive candle holders as well. You can wow guests with a beautiful vintage-style table runner created from doilies of different designs and sizes stitched together, or charm them with glowing lanterns that show off the dainty lace pattern. Finally, you can even make the cutest cake toppers out of shapes cut from lace doilies. All so creative and sweet, don’t you agree?

So, are you ready to work your own lace doily magic? Thankfully, these lovely blogs provide tutorials!

Lace doilies for wedding decorations that are vintage and shabby chic

Image Credits: 1 – bowls via Free People; 2 – cake toppers via Project Wedding; 3 – doily lanterns via Glamour and Grace; 4 – candle holders via Timewashed; 5 – table runner via Chateleine (image: Roberto Caruso)

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