Boba Bars at Weddings: Get with the Trend!

Boba Drink Stations to Serve GuestsAre you huge fans of the boba tea craze? Or just want to offer your guests a different kind of beverage bar at your wedding? Then, go for a boba bar setup! It’s fun, trendy, and so doable – whether semi-DIY(from bar styling to your choice of boba tea flavors), to buying your fave flavors all sealed and ready to serve, to simply hiring a boba tea service for your reception! You’ll be thrilled at the examples we found for each of these options.

But first, a boba tea primer! This fascinating beverage originated in Taiwan and quickly became a trending drink in cities around the world in recent years. Basically a concoction of brewed tea, milk or creamer, flavorings, and sugar, the name “boba,” “bubble,” or “pearl tea” came about with the fun addition of tapioca pearls to the mix.

There are reportedly thousands of boba tea flavors…and counting! The most popular ones are black tea, jasmine, honey green milk tea, almond, coffee, and caramel; plus an entire range of fruit flavors like honeydew, lychee, mango, passion fruit, peach, plum, strawberry, avocado, banana, coconut, grape, green apple, kiwi, lemon, pineapple, and watermelon. There are even pudding add-ons like custard, chocolate, mango, and taro; as well as floral flavors (lavender, rose, violet) for the more adventurous! Toppings range from almond jelly to coffee jelly to honey boba.

Cool Options for Setting Up a Boba Bar

So which approach will you take to having a boba bar at your wedding? See how others have done it, plus boba tea vendors and caterers you may consider.

Mix Your Own Boba Drink

Cool Options for Setting Up a Boba Bar

Think your guests will enjoy the buffet approach? Style your own boba bar to suit your wedding theme and venue. Then, set out the basic milk tea in dispensers (1) plus bowls of tapioca pearls, flavorings, puddings, and other add-ons for them to choose from.

Provide helpful how-to signs (2) and labels for the different flavors and fixings. Or if you have personal favorites, present a “his” and “hers” boba tea choice for your guests to try.

Other bar decorations could be wedding bunting and banners (3), chalkboard signs (1 ), and even marquee-light letters (4). (Note: Attendants from a boba tea service-for-hire would also be great for guests unsure about how to create this beverage.)

Grab and Go Drinks

Drink Flavors, Signs for a Boba Wedding Drinks Station

Prefer a quick and easy service approach? You can always order ready-to-drink tea in a variety of flavors from a popular boba tea vendor or caterer in your area. (5, 6, 7, 8).

These come in sealed glasses along with special boba tea straws (7). So guests can enjoy them at your reception, or take away a drink each as a fun “one for the road”!

Add fun handwritten signs (8) or fancy ones in frames (9) to complete the look of your wedding boba bar.

Credits: 1 – Super Cue Cafe, Fremont via Yelp / 2 – Jolie Jolie Design / 3 – Oh Happy Day, Fremont via Yelp / 4 – Craved Tea House, via Yelp / 5 – Cameron Leung Photography / 6 – Wild Smiles Photobooth / 7 – Katelyn James Photography / 8 – Craftea via Pinterest / 9 – Next Exit Photography, via Love and Splendor

Boba Catering Services in Los Angeles

If you’re having a wedding, bridal shower, or rehearsal dinner in LA, here are some popular boba places to try from boba trucks to shops that offer catering services:

  1. Lollicup Fresh
  2. MILK+T
  3. The Boba Truck
  4. Boba Bear
  5. Boba Guys
  6. Cha for Tea
  7. It’s Boba Time Cafe

What to Serve with Boba

Serve a variety of fingers from Asian appetizers to dimsum options like spring rolls, gyoza, popcorn chicken or shrimp, tempura, and steamed pork buns. Many catering services offer food as part of their boba party packages.

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