Your Guide to Chinese Wedding Banquets in Los Angeles

Chinese Restaurants in LA Offering Event Halls and Banquet Menus // Curated by Bellenza.

Every culture celebrates milestone occasions, like weddings, in its own distinct way. And the Chinese do it with sumptuous spreads of authentic dishes shared by a hall full of family members, friends, neighbors, business associates, and more! This could be a pretty daunting prospect indeed. But thanks to restaurants offering grand banquet halls and set banquet menus (usually a 10-course meal for a table of 10), you have your reception all ready-to-serve and at a wide range of prices.

So, for couples planning a Chinese wedding banquet in the Los Angeles area (i.e., San Gabriel valley to South Bay), we’ve gathered six of the most popular restaurants where you can hold your reception – and just enjoy course after course from appetizers to dessert!

Chinese Restaurants in LA Offering Event Halls and Banquet Menus

1 – Empress Harbor Seafood Restaurant (note: as of August 1, 2019, they are temporarily closed as they are looking for anew location)
Address: 111 N. Atlantic Blvd., Suite 350, Monterey Park, CA 91754

Empress Harbor Seafood Restaurant
Photo credits: Empress Harbor Seafood Restaurant

Empress Harbor Seafood Restaurant offers its patrons authentic south China cuisine, and a banquet hall that can seat over 500 people. For your wedding, survey their special banquet menus with various combinations of cuisines – featuring their prized dishes such as fish fillet in black bean sauce, barbecued blossom platter, filet mignon with sweet pepper sauce, lobster ye-main, snow fish with tofu and black mushroom, sole and crab meat filet, and fish maw soup, among others.

Sample banquet menu for groups of 10
(Price range: $178 – $588)

Barbecued Blossom Platter
Golden Scallops with Taro Breading
Stir-fried Shrimp with Vegetables
Dried Scallop and Fish Maw Soup
Braised Shellfish with Garden Greens
Empress Crispy Fried Chicken
Lobster with Ginger and Green Onion
Steamed Fillet of Cod with Ham and Green Tenders
Rainbow Fried Rice

2 – Atlantic Seafood Restaurant
Address: 500 N. Atlantic Blvd., Suite 200, Monterey Park, CA 91754

Atlantic Seafood Restaurant
Photo credits: Atlantic Seafood Restaurant

Serving Cantonese style cooking and best known for their moderately-priced dim sum, Atlantic Seafood Restaurant also has private function halls for special occasions and a range of banquet menus for large gatherings like weddings.

Sample banquet menu for groups of 10:
(Price range: $398 – $698)

House Special Roast Suckling Pig Platter
House Special Shrimp Roll
Scallops with Sugar Snap Peas
Bird’s Nest with Crab Meat and Bamboo Pith Soup
Braised Sliced Abalone and Black Mushroom with Oyster Sauce
House Special Chicken
Baked Lobster in Supreme Broth
Steamed Whole Live Fish
House Seafood Fried Rice


3 – NBC Seafood Restaurant
Address: 404 S. Atlantic Boulevard, Suite A, Monterey Park, CA 91754

NBC Seafood Restaurant in Monterey Park
Photo credits: via Google Maps 

A popular Cantonese-style dim sum restaurant and a Southern California landmark for over 40 years, NBC Seafood Restaurant underwent a major renovation and now offers guests a lavish new banquet hall for wedding receptions and other grand events. Among their specialty dishes are Lobster with Noodles, Crab Over Lotus Leaf Sweet Rice, and the “NBC Hoi Bo” suckling pig with lobster combo meal – and of course their array of set banquet menus for weddings.

Sample banquet menu for groups of 10
(Price range: $438 – $698)

Roasted Suckling Pig Combination Platter
Crispy Fried Prawn Balls
Pan Fried Scallops with Fresh Mushrooms
Shredded Chicken and Bamboo Pith with Hashima Soup
Braised Sea Cucumber and Reishi Mushroom
Roasted Whole Peking Duck
Baked Superior Lobster
Steamed Whole Fish
Fu Chow Fried Rice

4 – Diamond Seafood Palace
Address: 8058 Lampson Ave., Stanton, CA 90680

Diamond Seafood Palace in Stanton.
Photo credits: Diamond Seafood Palace

The Diamond Seafood Palace is known for its authentic Chinese-Vietnamese cuisine and extravagant wedding events. Visit its website, to view the selection of wedding banquet menus offered.

Sample banquet menu for groups of 10
(Price range: $428 – $498)

Eight Flavored Cold Dish
Fish Maw, Shredded Chicken and Crab Meat Soup
Shrimp Paste in Two Styles
Stewed Mushroom with Sea Cucumber
House Special Lobster with E-fu Noodles
Crispy Boneless Chicken with Shrimp Paste
Fried Fish with Spicy Garlic Sauce
Seafood Saté Fried Rice
Sweet Green Bean and Taro Coconut Milk


5 – King Harbor Seafood Restaurant
Address: 13018 Harbor Blvd., Garden Grove, CA 92843

King Harbor Seafood Restaurant
Photo credits: King Harbor Seafood Restaurant

As its name states, King Harbor Seafood Restaurant brings patrons the freshest seafood prepared in its signature styles, including its House Specialties and Seasonal Catch of the Day offerings. It also offers traditional Chinese dishes like Kung Pao Chicken and Peking Duck, as well as fusion creations like French Style Beef. For weddings, it has set nine-course Silver, Gold, and Platinum banquet menus to choose from.

Sample banquet menu for groups of 10
(Price range: $438 to $588)

$488 (Gold Menu)
King Harbor Special Appetizer
Crabmeat with Fish Maw Soup
House Special Lobster with Yee Mein
Stuffed Crab Claw with Shrimp
Eight Treasure Duck
Pan Fried Whole Scallops with Chinese Greens
Sweet and Sour Crispy Fish Fillet
House Special Fried Rice
Seasonal Fresh Fruit


6 – Royal Garden Restaurant
Address: 11828 South St., Cerritos, CA 90703

Royal Garden Restaurant
Photo credits: Yelp

Royal Garden Restaurant serves authentic Southern Chinese cuisine, specializing in seafood dishes and dim sum. In addition, they also have stylish VIP rooms that can provide the perfect backdrop for occasions like wedding receptions – with high ceilings, mirrored wall accents, and glowing chandeliers. A wide range of banquet menus are available to suit any budget.

Sample banquet menu for groups of 10
(Price range: $238 – $1,118)

Three Items Cold Platter
Chicken Creamy Corn Soup
Beef with Oyster Sauce
Double Mushroom and Vegetable
Pork Chop W/  Peking sauce
Deep Fried Crispy Chicken
Deep Fried Talapia with Brown Sauce
Yang Chow Fried Rice
Chicken Lomein

Tips for Planning a Chinese Wedding Banquet

  1. Book your reception date early especially from June to September.
  2. Visit the restaurant at least twice to determine if you like the service, friendliness of the staff, menu, and overall facility.
  3. Find out if they have an English menu with set prices for a banquet. Typically, menus are based on a table for 10 people. This menu will usually have complete items ranging from appetizers to desserts.
  4. When selecting a menu, it is best to stick with choices that aren’t too exotic for your guests. This is especially helpful when you anticipate having non-Chinese guests at the wedding.
  5. Having children at Chinese weddings is very common. You may want to have a separate kids’ table with kid-friendly menu options.
  6. You will most likely have a wedding cake brought in by an outside vendor. In this case, be sure to inquire with the restaurant, if they have a cutting fee. Some restaurants may have an existing vendor that they work with so you may want to check with them.
  7. Some restaurants do not offer reception styling services. Be sure to check what is their policy when you want to bring in an outside vendor to style your venue.

Planning a Chinese wedding banquet? Tell us what your are experiencing and help other brides at the same time.


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