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Bake it Up: Give Bread as Heartwarming Favors with a Homespun Twist

Scone favors by the Craft Begins with Printables

You could say that the best way to your guests’ hearts is through their stomachs! Hence, the popularity of edible wedding favors, right? Well, what could be more heart (and tummy) warming than freshly-baked, fragrant, crusty, and beautifully packaged bread?

It may take some logistics magic to pull off the “freshly-baked” part. But for an intimate wedding, held in or near home perhaps, it can be done. Or you can always pre-order from bakeries, whether pro or family. Either way, these bread beauties we found will have you warming up the oven for sure!

Bread! Something Warm from the Oven!

Bake up something special and warm for fall. Bread! Here are 8 unique, homemade ideas!

1 – Whatever your favorite bread recipe may be, you can make your favors even more irresistible with quaint (and super simple) paper-band packaging, like this pretty lemon loaf with zucchini found via Intimate Weddings! You could use vintage newspapers, magazines, calendars, or their scanned and printed out replicas if you’re concerned about food safety. Then simply tie on some raw twine or string to complete the look!

2 – Mini loaves, like these lemon bread ones featured on One Stylish Bride (credited to Project Wedding), are a darling option. Use simple wax or parchment paper sleeves as packaging, and finish with mailing tags or labels that you can find at any office supplies store. Couldn’t be cuter!

3 – How can any guest not be delighted to take home almond croissants this delish? Aside from the fabulous recipe provided on A Subtle Revelry, this feature by photographer Athena Plichta reveals that the charming packaging is actually “newspaper printed fry liners.” How ingenious and pretty is that?!

4 – For an Italian or wine-themed wedding party, crunchy bread sticks would make perfect favors. These ones from Serena Bakes Simply From Scratch, though, are extra-special with a tasty herb-garlic-cheese coating! Try her recipe or make your own. Guests will surely be sneaking a few nibbles even before they leave the reception!

5 – A great way to personalize your bread favors is to add a family jam or preserve treat on the side! This lovely scones-and-cranberry-jam favor we found via The Craft Begins is a perfect example of a well-loved gift being shared and such pretty (and food-safe) packaging. Start digging through your family’s treasured recipes!

6 – Chocolate chip, coconut, and banana bread. Yes, these gift loaves combine these 3 well-loved ingredients to entice all types of taste buds! Visit this post on Spoon Fork Bacon for the yummy recipe, plus tips for printing your own gift labels—which you could then personalize with your own version printed on the reverse.

7 – Crisp to the bite and with a hint of fruity flavor, these cherry and almond biscotti are just the thing for a tea- or coffee-themed wedding soiree. We found this lovely idea via A Stylish Bride, showing how you can simply bundle 2 or 3 pieces together with a strip of decorative paper or ribbon—and they’re ready to give!

8 – You couldn’t get more nostalgic than a mini sack of biscuits just like Grandma used to bake! This winning idea is courtesy of 100 Layer Cake—just one of a dozen heartwarming biscuit options to choose from.

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