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How to Make a Victorian-inspired Gift Using a Hatbox

Vintage-hatbox Gift

In place of the traditional gift basket, why not try a gift box? And not just any gift box, but a Victorian-inspired hatbox filled with treats! Delight special guests and members of the bridal entourage with this unique present that recalls an era of grace and refinement, when ladies wore stylish hats trimmed with ribbons, flowers, and lace. The same hatbox concept can capture that wonderful, romantic sentiment for a variety of themes. It is a wonderful gift idea for those special out-of-town guests attending a wedding set in a rose garden or a Victorian-style hotel. Or picture it at a bridal shower with a French boudoir theme with lingerie elements, or one with a Parisian fashion or modern vintage theme. Delightful!

Create the Gorgeous Victorian Gift Box

This elegant Victorian-inspired container is made from the following materials:

– 1 medium-sized hatbox – approximately 12″ in diameter and 6″ high
– Pink lightweight fabric
– Black lace ribbons – 4″ wide, about 1 and 1/4 yards length
– Pink satin ribbons – 1″ wide
– White and pink pearls
– Swarovski crystals
– Glue / glue gun
– Black floral appliqués

Begin the transformation by covering both the lid and the body of the hatbox with the pink fabric. Glue the fabric securely in place. Wrap the black lace ribbon around the body of the box, and finish with a band of pink ribbon tied in a pretty bow. For the lid, echo the black lace by gluing the black floral appliqués in the center and embellishing them with another pink bow, tiny white and pink pearls, and glittery Swarovski crystals. For a finishing touch, top off the hatbox with a thoughtful note written in a romantic, swirling script.

Feel free to substitute other available embellishments like feathers, faux flowers (fabric please, not plastic!), and wrapping paper with a lovely pattern or texture.

Make a Gracious Gesture

Besides being pretty, a gift box is actually a warm gesture of appreciation. Enclose a unique, personalized notecard or tag that expresses a special message such as: “You’re Special”, “With Much Appreciation from the Heart”, or “We’re Happy to See You on this Special Day.” For an interesting twist, the message can also reflect the time, date, and location of the wedding.

These charming hatboxes may be used to:

– Welcome out-of-town wedding guests to their rooms with treats that will make their stay comfortable and enjoyable
– Surprise the bride with special memories from friends at her chic, vintage-inspired bridal shower
– Thank the mothers of the bride and groom for all their patience and support during the wedding preparations and the event itself
– Pass on treasured family keepsakes from the bride’s mother or grandmother; or precious mementos from the bride to her maid-of-honor, most likely a younger sister or best friend
– Send off visiting guests and family members at a post-wedding luncheon or breakfast

Prepare Delightful Hatbox Fillers

Fill this hatbox with a collection of special items that are both romantic and useful:

1. A candle wrapped in a 17″ pink organza is both a lovely and practical item, whether as mood lighting or a romantic addition to a candlelight dinner at home.
2. An ivory picture frame in a brilliant enamel finish, featuring a print of a trio of cherubs is a simple yet sophisticated addition to guests’ home decor. Just as lovely would be a sepia photograph of a famed landmark inspired by the theme or—at a bridal shower—a photo of the bride with her dearest friends and family members.
3. For something charming, a delicate and decorative porcelain slipper housed in a white gift box tied with white satin ribbons.
4. A white or pink organza bag filled with rose-scented bath salts, soaps, a selection of potpourri, or tiny bottles of essential oils allows the guests to enjoy treats courtesy of the occasion, long after the party is over.
5. An ivory-colored heart-shaped woven box filled with pieces of white chocolate is always a sweet way to say thank-you to guests. A combination of pale pink and cream-colored rose petals may also be substituted, their scent serving as a fragrant reminder of the occasion.

Add Other Meaningful Gift Items

For that thoughtful, personal touch, add gift items that hold a special meaning for family members, guests, and close friends. Here are some examples:

– a CD of songs from the wedding or the couple’s favorite songs
– fashion accessories like personalized bracelets, charms, and pendants
– pretty bottles of Mom’s favorite perfume or eau de toilette
– a small journal or diary
– a book of quotes, poems, or inspirational messages
– a pearl or silver rosary, as a special gift for a Catholic wedding

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