Halloween Loot Bags with a Grownup Look

Newspaper loot bag in black and white

Stuck with the notion that Halloween is just for kids? Think again! With a muted palette of black, white, and gray (definitely muted, right?) and understated graphics and accents, you can find elegant ways to package treats for adults! We have three lovely ideas from using newspapers to paper cones that show you how to be chic this season.

Chic Halloween Packaging Ideas

Newspaper loot bag in black and white

  1. Your favor bags can be so simple yet stylish, too. These ones made from newspaper stamped with an owl graphic and stuffed with black shredded paper could hold any fun or yummy treat you wish! We found them via Vintage Finds—but if you know (or if you are!) the original source, please let us know.
  2. This broomstick loot bag is an ingenious creation using shredded paper and held together with a stick and black ribbon. We were thrilled to find this clever piece from the blog of Little Dance Invitations that featured a festive party table styled by Studio Cakes of Australia.
  3. The interesting Oregon Live blog shared this fab find: themed occasion and holiday cards and other paper products from Oblation Papers & Press. Don’t you find these Halloween treat cones just so eerily elegant? Perfect for that wedding social right around the end of October!

Looking for more inspiration? Try our vintage Halloween post featuring haute details for an elegant celebration!

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