Personalized Wedding Matchbooks: Ideas for Your Sparkler Send Off

Wedding Matchbook Ideas with Personalization and Color Options

The sparks will definitely be flying when you see these 12 dazzling matchbook ideas featuring trendy black to classic designs that can be personalized. With these range of options, you are sure to find the perfect match to suit your wedding day style and colors. Whether it’s a rustic, modern minimalist, or classic event, these matchbooks make your wedding sparkler send off truly memorable! (*this post contains affiliate links)

Wedding Matchbook Ideas with Personalization and Color Options

Before we showcase our picks, here are some tips to keep in mind when you shop around for the best option:

  1. When purchasing these matchbooks, do note that many vendors offer them as a set of 20 to 50 matchbooks.
  2. You can have them personalized with such options as matchbox color, design, font options, and label color.
  3. Be sure to check if both the front and back can be written with customized text.
  4. Do remember that the price may vary depending on your chosen color, design, and text.
  5. Some vendors will tell you how many matchsticks come in each box, while others don’t.
  6. The length of the matchsticks will also vary. Some can be as long as 3” inches.
  7. You will find prices range more or less than $0.50 per box.
  8. Always ask for an electronic proof when placing an order.
  9. Some vendors do not ship the finished product with your labels attached to the matchbooks. BE sure to check if some assembly is required.
  10. When ordering matchbooks, be sure to check the restrictions on shipping just in case you need to return an item back through the mail.

Here are the 12 matchbook ideas that caught our eye:

Via My Wedding Favors

Colorful matchbooks via myweddingfavors
Personalized Matchboxes in a Set of 50

White matchbooks via myweddingfavors
White Personalized Matches

Chalkboard Style Matchboxes in Black via myweddingfavors
Personalized Chalkboard Style Matchboxes in Black

Blush pink and gold matchbooks via myweddingfavors
Modern Romance White Matchboxes (Set of 50)


Via Amazon

Foil Matchboxes with Personalization via Amazon

Foil Matchboxes with Personalization

Grey matchbooks via Amazon

Custom Printed High Quality Matchbox Favors

The Perfect Match matchbooks via Amazon

The Perfect Match Favor Foil Stamped, Double-sided

Laurel doublesided matchbooks via Amazon

Monogrammed Matchboxes with Foil Stamping on a Rustic Laurel (Double-sided)

Black matchbook for long matchsticks via Amazon

Long Matchbook for 3” Sticks with Personalization in Black

Purple and teal matchbooks via Amazon

Custom Printed High Quality Matchbox Favors in Purple and Teal

Dark blue monogrammed matchbooks

Customized Monogram Matchboxes (Double-sided)
Via Beau-coup

Written in the Stars matchbook via Beau-coup

Personalized Wedding Matchboxes

*Do note that the above options are just a sampling because many of the vendors offer a multitude of choices!

Wedding Matchbook Sayings

  1. C’mon Baby Light Our Fire
  2. The Perfect Match
  3. Let Love Sparkle
  4. We’re a Match Made in Heaven
  5. Let the Sparks Fly Tonight!

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