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The 2-Piece Chocolate Favor Box: Ready-made Luxe!


Who doesn’t love chocolates? And when it comes to wedding favors, these decadent treats are always welcome. Even more so when they come in the sweetest pairs, like these 2-piece Chocolate Favor Boxes we found, elegantly packaged and ready to give! Add to that the option to choose your packaging colors and customize with your names, wedding date, even your photo if you wish. Our selection here comes in price points from budget-friendly to luxe. So there’s definitely a choice for every couple.

Something Sweet in a Pretty Box!

Vendors covered in the chart above:

  1. 2 Piece Favor BoxStella Leona
  2. 2-piece Box of TrufflesGail Ambrosius
  3. Custom Sleeve Filled Chocolate BoxesChocxo
  4. 2-Piece “Gold Favor”  Godiva
  5. 2 Piece Truffle Box FavorCacao and Cardamom


Vendors covered in the chart above:

  1. 2 Piece Truffle Party Favor in Purple BoxVosges Haut-Chocolate
  2. Dark Truffle FavorsFrans Chocolates
  3. The Red Favor Gift BoxLa Maison du Chocolate
  4. Vegan  ChocolatesAllison Gourmet
  5. Chocolate Ganache 2-Piece Tote BoxMarieBelle New York
  6. “Romantic Opal”Z Chocolat

As you will see from the product chart above, many vendors offer a variety of packaging and personalization features to suit your budget, colors, and style. There are also a wide selection of flavors being offered! Our favorites include bourbon, vanilla, praline, and chocolate ganache. We also like the idea of being able to personalize the packaging with a photo of the bride and groom. But, if you’re looking for something simpler, a matching ribbon would suffice! Lastly, be sure to taste before you buy! Shop for them wisely by inquiring for any quantity discounts as many vendors may not always specify this information on their websites.

How’s that for chocolate wedding favors that your guests will surely appreciate? And in a range of prices you can choose from, too!

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