Easy Tips for Making a Wedding Announcement on ZOOM When Your Wedding Date Will Take Place in 2021-22

ZOOM wedding announcement

Wondering what to do if you have decided to announce your wedding on ZOOM? We are here to help with 10 easy tips for making a wedding announcement, while putting your wedding date on hold. This announcement relieves you of the stress of sending out a formal announcement in the mail, since this assumes that a wedding will be taking place in the future (e.g., 2021-22). You have decided that the wedding is an indefinite date considering that the pandemic is changing life in unpredictable ways. It also assumes that this is not a wedding announcement expressing an elopement (*this post contains affiliate links).

10 Tips Making a Wedding Announcement on ZOOM

Tips for ZOOM wedding announcement

wedding postponement cards

1 – Have a Re-Save the Date or Change the Date card designed (can be virtual). Find these on Basic Invite.

2 – Use a wedding guest planner and decide on how to manage your list.  Find this book on Amazon.

zoom price plans

3 – Research on best plan to use for a Zoom meet-up.

What to wear ZOOM wedding announcement

4 – Dress up for the Zoom announcement event. Wear something that expresses your unique style as a couple. A bright color like a flirty, red dress will make a definite statement!

 A flirty red dress for her available at Macy’s

 A casual and cool suit for him available at Macy’s

virtual backgrounds from harlow and grey

5 – Free Party-At-Home Virtual Backgrounds via Harlow and Grey

6 – Decide how the Zoom event will look. Decide if you will need to pipe in your device into a big screen TV or will it run on a smaller device like an iPad.

7 – Announce the postponement: give a tentative date, location, and high-level details to help your guests plan forward.

8 – Introduce the bridal party to your guests; if you have already chosen the key members of the bridal entourage, this is a good time to make an introduction.

9 – Keep your guests informed of the future date by setting up a wedding website, if you have not created on yet. This allows you to keep everyone updated without the need to keep sending out emails, which may go unread.

10 – Make a toast to everyone! This keeps the event fun and meaningful and sets up the anticipation for a future wedding.

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