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Wedding Money Card Box: Tacky or Practical?

Is a Money Card Box at Your Wedding Tacky or Practical
Among the dozens of details on your pre-wedding to-do list right now, you’ve most likely signed up for a wedding registry of your choice. Oh, the ease of being able to pre-select presents you really want and will use, right? But more and more guests today are opting to gift newlyweds with money instead of actual items. How to handle this with finesse, in case Grandma or Uncle Ed may find this practice inappropriate? By having a lovely box or other container as part of your reception decor for guests to drop in their cards containing checks or cash. (*this post contains an affiliate link)

The question is, do you explicitly mention cash gifts as an option – whether in a wedding invitation insert or in your bridal registry? Hhhmmm…read on!

So Is It Tacky or Practical?

PROs of Receiving Wedding Money in Place of Gifts

  • You have the freedom to choose what you will purchase – and when – once you know what you really need as a couple.
  • Cards in envelopes are so convenient! Guests won’t have to carry wrapped presents to your wedding day (although many do ship their gifts nowadays), and you won’t have to transport them home!
  • You’ll be spared the post-wedding hassle of exchanging items you may not want or need.
  • You can agree to allocate some or all of the cash gifts for your honeymoon or towards payments on a new home. (More on this below.)

CONs of Receiving Wedding Money in Place of Gifts

  • You’ll miss out on the surprise – and sometimes, the amusement –  of opening spring-inspired wedding gifts together.
  • Guests may find that they give a higher amount in cash than they would spend on buying an actual item, perhaps on sale. (A “con” for them, but a “pro” for you!)
  • The experience of receiving a present may become less personal especially if the gift can be customized like personalized wine bottles.
  • You may offend Grandma (but she loves you, so she’ll forgive you soon enough!).

Tips for Handling Cash Gifts vs. Actual Gifts at Your Wedding

  • Mentioning the money-gift option in your invitation may be off-putting. So, instead, you may check if your chosen bridal registry includes cash as a contribution perhaps to big-ticket items like a honeymoon travel package, a furniture set, kitchen appliances, and the like.
  • This mention in the registry will give guests the idea that gifts of money are welcome, if they aren’t already aware of this trend.
  • Prepare a tasteful money card box to display at the reception (see our creative DIY or buy picks below), and assign someone you trust to keep an eye on it till the event ends.
  • For a specific wedding style or location, consider a themed card container to match so that it becomes part of the decor.
  • If you are comfortable doing this, you may label the box with a sign to let guests know what you plan to use their cash gifts for. For example: “Our Honeymoon Fund” or “For Our First Home.”
  • If you prefer subtle, a label saying “Wedding Cards” or simply “Cards” will do. Today’s wedding guests get it!

Wedding Money Card Boxes: 5 Creative Options

Now for the actual box or container to display at your wedding. See our suggestions for you to DIY or buy, or to go classic or themed to suit your decor.

1 – DIY Wedding Card Box

DIy via Consumer Crafts / Crafts Unleashed

Try your hand at this DIY project we found at Consumer Crafts / Crafts Unleashed (or have a crafty friend do it) using nesting boxes, cardstock, faux flowers and leaves, ribbon, rhinestone strips, and a monogram letter. Simply match the colors and embellishments to your wedding motif.

2 – Vintage Suitcase

Photo via Something Borrowed Wedding Blog

Quite popular at retro- or vintage-themed weddings as an alternative guest book idea, an old-style suitcase makes a perfect holder for wedding cash cards. Add a fabric liner in your wedding colors, as seen on Something Borrowed Wedding Blog. Then, add a bunting-style sign saying “Wedding Cards” or “Cards & Gifts.”

3 – Classic Mailbox

courtesy of Morningside Inn

Such a charming idea for a garden wedding or a country theme, courtesy of Morningside Inn! Paint a custom label with your name and wedding year onto a repurposed old-style mailbox. Then, subtly add “Cards & Gifts” on the little flag.

4 – Ornate Metal Lantern

via Mod Wedding (photo by Calli B Photography).

If your wedding will have a Moroccan, Mediterranean or Greek theme, how fabulous would an ornate metal lantern be as a card holder? Thanks for the inspiration via Mod Wedding (photo by Calli B Photography).

5 – Honeymoon Fund Box

Money box via Amazon

A shadow box is one idea for announcing a specific use of your wedding cash gifts. You could choose a Honeymoon Fund – Wedding Gift Money Box, like this one available from Amazon, that offers different choices of fonts and comes with hardware for hanging.

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