Wedding Venue Dilemma: How to Handle a Wedding Venue that is a Far Drive

Tips for Helping Guests Get to Your Distant Wedding Venue
So, you’re thrilled to have found your dream wedding venue. But uh-oh, it’s quite a drive away! Will guests find it a hassle to get there and back, and possibly opt not to go? Not if you plan ahead and offer practical, thoughtful and fun ways to make the trip part of the experience! See our 10 tips below and discover how doable this can be after all.

10 Tips for Helping Guests Get to Your Distant Wedding Venue

  1. Send your save-the-dates and wedding invitations out earlier than usual to give guests time to make travel plans.
  2. Arrange for a shuttle bus to bring guests from a common meet-up point to the venue and back.
  3. Suggest that guests make carpool-type arrangements for others in their area.
  4. For guests who don’t have a car or who don’t want to drive far, perhaps giving them an Uber or Lyft coupon may help.
  5. If some guests prefer to rent a car, perhaps you can work with a rental company to get a group rate.
  6. Include in your invitation suite a fun map that gives the best route to take, plus interesting sites and helpful stops along the way.
  7. Recommend a place or two (inn, motel, bed and breakfast) on the drive to and from the venue where guests may take an overnight rest, if they wish.
  8. Have a welcome buffet of appetizers and refreshing drinks awaiting guests who arrive straight from the long drive.
  9. In case some may want to stay on and make it a mini-vacation, provide a list of suggested activities and special attractions in the vicinity of the wedding.
  10. Have a separate reception when you get back from the wedding for guests who really could not make the trip.

Far-off Venue Examples that May Require Long Distance Driving

  1. A country club or golf course resort with a ceremony and reception for weekend weddings.
  2. A vineyard in the countryside with spacious areas for an al fresco wedding.
  3. A farmhouse located outside your immediate city.
  4. A lakeside or beachfront wedding venue with breathtaking views.
  5. A private estate or mansion that can be rented out over the weekend.

What to Consider When Selecting a Far-off Venue

  1. The cost of a long distance venue versus a nearby venue in your hometown may be more, but if the location is just too gorgeous to pass up, then the drive would be worth it for guests.
  2. The number of guests who can actually make it to the wedding may be lower than you expect, so you may want to gauge the response you will get on a more informal basis before officially selecting the venue.
  3. The logistics and planning that a long distance drive would require may be more challenging. However, if you can plan the event with a good coordinator, then your desired location should not really be an issue.
  4. The weekend drives required for meeting up with vendors may be an issue if you are trying to schedule them around your own work hours.
  5. Depending on what time of the year, a long distance venue that would require a drive may not be safe nor practical in the wintertime when driving conditions can be risky.

Wedding Invitation Picks for Long Drive Wedding Venues

Wedding invitations for long drive weddings.

1 – Wedding invitation – woodland wedding
2 – Metro Map Save the Date
3 – Custom Wedding Map Card
4 – Watercolor wedding map
5 – Tropical Plantation Destination Wedding Invitation
6 – Vineyard Wedding Invitation

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