Baby’s First Christmas Party Guide for a Festive Celebration!

As if the holiday season isn’t magical enough already, imagine having a baby turning one right around Christmastime, too! A doubly special celebration is definitely in store. And this is true whether you plan on having a quiet at-home gathering with just the family, a fun drive-by birthday event, or a virtual get-together via Zoom.

With twin milestones being marked on this occasion—a first birthday and a first Christmas—the trick is to blend the two themes! And since we love shopping for both holiday parties and baby parties, we took the liberty of putting together decor, treats and favor ideas to help you celebrate these two firsts in the cutest and merrest way! (*this post contains affiliate links)

Invitations for Baby’s First Christmas Birthday

Your little one is the star of the occasion. So holiday-themed first birthday party invitations with his or her photo right up front are perfect! Some of our finds actually double as family Christmas cards, too.

Baby's First Christmas Birthday Celebration Ideas

Invitations for Baby's First Christmas Birthday

1 – Baby’s First Christmas – from Invitation Consultants

2 – Winter Onederland Photo 1st Birthday Party Invitation – from Birthday Invitations 4U

3 – Silent Bundle of Joy Christmas Card – from Shutterfly/Tiny Prints

4 – Baby’s First Christmas Card – from Simply to Impress

5 – Onederland Birthday Party Invitation – from Purple Trail

6 – Snowfall Wonder Christmas Card – from Photo Affections

7 – Tri-fold Baby’s First Christmas Card – from Cheree Berry Paper

Christmas-themed Decorations for a Baby’s Birthday

Get creative with pulling together holiday decor with a baby spin. These could be festive items you already have, Christmas crafts you can make, or infant toys and accessories you can display around the party space!

Note: We went with a generic red and green palette and a playful Christmas toyland look. But you could choose any other theme you’d like. Just remember to stay consistent from invites to favors!

Christmas-themed Decorations for a Baby's Birthday

1 – My First Baby Christmas Toys (6 Pieces) – from Amazon

2 – DIY Cotton Ball Wreath – from Hallstrom Home

3 – Christmas "Merry Birthday" Banner – from Amazon

4 – Baby Christmas Elf Outfit – from Amazon

5 – Baby’s First Christmas tablescape – from Dining Delight

6 – Marshmallow place markers – from Bellenza

7 – Baby’s First Christmas Milestone Cards – from Crella

Holiday Goodies and Drinks to Serve

Recipes for Christmas treats and beverages can be pretty mind-boggling during this season. So we chose for you! Here are doable, delish goodies and drinks perfect for an at-home holiday party for baby. 

Holiday Goodies and Drinks to Serve for Baby's First Christmas

1 – Baby-sized Christmas Cake – from Kidd’s Cakes

2 – Christmas Onesie Cookies – from Moms and Munchkins

3 – Snowy Chocolate Baby Cakes – from My Recipes 

4 – Christmas pudding with Oreos – from Bellenza

5 – Wine for the grownups, milk for the kids – from Bellenza

Favor Ideas Both Festive and Cute

Depending on who and how many guests will be at the party, choose from favor ideas like these that say Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas in one!. 

Baby's First Christmas Favor Ideas Both Festive and Cute

1 – Baby’s First Christmas Mug – from Tee Public

2 – Yarn-wrapped Santa Treat Holders – tutorial from Crafts Unleashed

3 – Christmas Seed Gift Box – from Recycled Ideas

4 – No-Bake Baby Hand and Footprint Ornament Kit (2-Pack)  – from Amazon

5 – "Peppermint" fabric favor wraps – DIY packaging idea from Bellenza

6 – Mini Snow Globe Favors using baby food jars – how-to from Evermine

Here’s wishing your little celebrant a most wonderful Christmastime first birthday! Happy holidays!

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  1. Thanks for sharing these Christmas party decoration ideas. This will definitely help a lot.

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