How to Style a Whimsical Fall Tea Party Inspired by Pumpkins

We all need a bit of whimsy now and then. So, why not bring it to an occasion like a fall tea party with an elegant vintage air? Add a seasonal pumpkin theme, and you’ve got the most charming celebration setting right there!

Just think of the possibilities—decorations crafted from autumn materials, tea sandwiches and sweets with fall fruits and nuts, and tea selections made with aromatic spices. Or better yet, take inspiration from these lovely fall tea party elements we’ve gathered. You’re sure to feel that bit of whimsy coming on! (*this post contains affiliate links)

Elegance + Charm for a Pumpkin-themed Tea Party

Get ready for an overload of everything you love about autumn. They’re all here in this inviting fall tea party scene. Combining elements you can craft, style, bake, and brew—and delight your guests with!

Fall pumpkin tea party theme

Decor and Tea Ware
Setting the scene is key. Create a gorgeous focal point, like this sideboard vignette with an "Alice’s Autumn Tea Party" theme (1), featured in Grape Japan. It’s just overflowing with autumn accent touches—pumpkins, fall leaves, nuts, pine cones—all pulled together with Alice in Wonderland references. Talk about whimsical!

Then, have a quaint European-style porcelain tea set with stand (6), like this one we found on Amazon. And you’re all set!

Tea Party Treats

Now, for the goodies to serve your guests.  All with an autumn spin, of course!

From Kitchen Aid come these all-about-fall Tea Sandwiches with Turkey and Apple Goat Cheese (2) in homemade cranberry, orange bread. And you must serve scones! So we found these Moist AF Pumpkin Scones (3) from Broma Bakery, with a maple pecan glaze.

If you’ll be having kiddie guests, they’ll love these adorable Acorn Donuts (5) from The Peach Kitchen. They’re made from donut holes, pretzel pieces, melted chocolate, and chopped nuts  (recipe here)! And for the grownups, this fabulous Apple Spice Bundt Cake with Butterscotch Glaze (7) from Betty Crocker.

And for the tea to serve, choose one to go with the theme—like this Pumpkin Muffin Tea (4) available from Savoy Tea Co. Perfect!

Fall-inspired Favors

After the last cup of tea, surprise your guests with take-home favors. Prepare autumn potpourri or fall fruit-and-nut mix, then prettily package them in ivy leaf-embroidered pouches (8) from our very own Bellenza SHOP.

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