Basics for Hosting a Virtual Post-Elopement Viewing Party at Home!

Ideas for Hosting a Virtual Post-Elopement Viewing Party Right at Home!

Perhaps quarantine restrictions caused a total reset of your dream wedding? Maybe you had actually planned an elopement all along or a just-the-two-of-you civil wedding? Or perhaps you could really only have immediate family present on The Day itself. 

Whatever the reason may be, it has become totally acceptable for today’s couples to host a separate post-elopement event for those who couldn’t be there when they tied the knot. Except that, nowadays, the absent guests can still only be "distantly present." What a dilemma, right?

Thank goodness for virtual gatherings! Not to be confused with the now-popular "Zoom weddings" where the bride and groom have guests witness their ceremony in real time via livestream. What we have in mind is a simple, at-home virtual post –elopement celebration hosted by the two of you at a later date—with all your dearest family members and friends attending online. And we’ve got ideas for the basics you’ll need to pull this special event off! (*this post contains affiliate links)

Virtual Post-Elopement Viewing Party Essentials

This is similar to our virtual engagement cocktail party. But at this virtual reception, your online guests gather to view your elopement videos along with you, get a scoop on your ceremony highlights, and send you their greetings and best wishes! Here are the hosting essentials we suggest.

Virtual Post-Elopement Viewing Party Essentials

First off, you have to let your guests know about the virtual party plan. To some guests, you can send actual invites, like these " Tied the Knot" post-wedding party invitations (1) from Amazon, while the rest you may inform via e-vites.

Then, as you spiff up a spot in your home for the on-cam celebration, make a sweet statement with a Mr. & Mrs. wooden letter sign (2) available on Amazon. 

You could display this sign on a mini-buffet-on-a-bar-cart—featuring a home-baked a specially made dessert table with a fondant cake and pastries (5), and a selection of Easy Coffee Shop Lattes (4) made with vanilla, maple, coconut, rum, or orange extracts from  McCormick.

One cool find that’s perfect for this virtual event is this digital signatures guest book service (6) offered by Miss Design Berry. They digitize your guests’ handwritten signatures and greetings, lay these out and print these as a wedding poster that they mail to you afterwards!

Now, is also your chance to have your guests join you in a virtual wedding toast. Have a pair of special Mr. & Mrs. Silver Champagne Flutes (3) ready, available on Amazon.

You could also choose your couple’s signature drinks—like fall-inspired mocktails or winter wedding cocktails—and pass on the recipes for guests to sip along with you during this online occasion.

Finally, even your wedding reception favors can now go virtual, too! Why not order wine gift cards (7) for all your guests from outlets like Total Wine in Sacramento, CA which they can then redeem either online or in-store, depending on their location.

So, in spite of everything, it is still possible to host a post-elopement celebration like a fun viewing party with those dearest to you. As they say, love will find a way!

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